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merry hill

  silver valver/hybrid

anyone been up tonite? abosolutly mad! tons and tons of top motors, saw quite a few clios, mainly mk1s, i saw 4 16v, 2 blue, 1 grey, 1 white, and 2 172s (i know the one) both in silver. police popped round occasionally to keep an eye on things, but didnt cause too much hassle.
  7.6cc :D

Merry Hill is about half a mile from me! which is why its soooo Merry!!!!!

By Dudley in West Midlands, about 1 hour south of Manchester.

Jill xxx

sorry jill - no offence intended.

shame bout pj - top bloke despite the accent - he was one of those funny speakin lot from the black country thou
  172 Cup


I think PJ would be offended if he heard you say he is from the Black country. He is a (Gunna)Brummie not a YamYam.


ill just nod and smile and take your word for it, i was just trying to get a rise.

im from a pleasant suburb of stockport so what would i know!

pugboy 172 slayer slayer