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Mk 2 V6 spotted today on M4

on the M4 west bound this evening i saw a silver V6 LHD pottering along n the slow lane and he pulled off at the services between 17 and 18, strange thing was it had a Mk 2 front end, the plate was a new style one (i.e 02 or 51 etc) i cant remeber what, i thought it was the Mk1 with the plate V666 thats is often spotted in bristol but was wrong and didnt notice they year as from behind i assumed it was a MK1, it was only when i seen it was a LHD MK2 that i took much notice, it had what i think are the MK2 wheels as well, they certainly werent super Ts anyway,

who ever it was they couldnt go slow enough, i wizzed past him at 65 MHP,

was it anyone here?


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

AFAIK there is no mk2 V6 and never will be...

So, what the hell was that?!

Rich they are developing a MK2 V6, but as far as I can tell, its probably just a clio with the Prima V6 body kit!

i had a girl come and view my car a while a go and the mecanic mate that they always bring did alot of the testeing on the MK1 V6, he was compleatly genuine very bright bloke, he didnt rate the V6 over the 172 when the price is considered but, he did say wait for the MK2 as it alot better? the testing his does is mostly abroad so perhaps it was in france i didnt really ask him,

anyway the one i saw today had 2 seats and what looked like an engine in the back (at a glance) i think it had a later spec front end maybe after a bump but the number plate seemed to match too, and remember it was a left hooker,

who knows

Went up to Castle Combe a few weeks back to watch the Powertour racing. On the way to Lacock from the racetrack I saw a silver V6 with what I thought was a MK 2 front end so its possible. This was an 02 plate, also lhd. I have also seen a photo of one in a mag recently but cant remeber which one.

amazingly today after never seeing one ever despite doing alot of miles i saw the V666 one today so that 2 in two day, they are getting way to common! i see less 16vs