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My 182ff track car build (so far)


ClioSport Club Member
  clio 182
Whilst the engine bay was completely empty I figured I would give it a good clean up to get rid of the grim and dirt. I borrowed my father in laws little steam cleaner and started cleaning.


Good little tool, didnt have to use any chemicals just a microfiber cloth to wipe it off after.

I actually forgot to get a full before picture but I did get one...




Cleaned up really well but now I could see the rusty bits 🙈


ClioSport Club Member
  Inferno Orange 182
Outstanding thread, I am so impressed with everything you have done and your attention to detail. Great work, look forward to seeing more pics ;).


ClioSport Club Member
  clio 182
Now that pretty much everything was stripped out of the engine bay and wheel arches and I stupidly cleaned every up, I could see the rusty bits 🤬

Which is not acceptable for me....

So out the wire wheel came and I removed any surface rust I could find.


Around the brake pipe brackets and the ABS wire clips

Up into the tops of the suspension turrets

And on the inner wheel archs


I then used red scotch bright with panel wipe to key the paint and remove any wax oil or oil deposits from the inner arches.
Once the areas were clean I brushed Jenolite rust converter over the bare steel and left it for a good hour to dry properly. I then used Etch primer to cover the bare steel first, then used a stonechip primer to give a decent thick paint protection and finished the job with bog standard alloy wheel silver which I must say is an extremely close colour match for my car.

Any holes that I no longer required I used aluminium tape to cover with 3 layers for strength. I put this on over the etch primer so it would not react with the bare steel.

Really tidied the arches up and now rust free for a while longer.