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My Car @ Trax - Mk 2 Monaco Blue 172, Post here if you have any please as i forgot ..

my camera. to my knowledge my car was the only on of its age and colour on the stand so should be easy to spot ? and if that wasnt enough it was parked next to freebones award winning shed.

Many thanks

i would think so , but to be fair it deserved car of the year in its catagory as it is a true minter.
  Chocolate Bar™
i grabbed one of yours and freebones. will be uploading them later, just sorting through them now
  Chocolate Bar™
mine are uploaded now, see the thread :) colour looked stunning matey

thanks very much all, yeh the nattys blue and the long prep the day before made the paint look nice and wet and the flake pop too.
  106 GTi
Cheers Mate. Should have a few of yours, hope to get the gallery up in the next few days


ClioSport Club Member
i have one or two pics of the 172 justin but i may keep them to myself after those

cheers for the praise guys appreciate it..justin i will sort those pics mate
  106 GTi
Still sorting them, only half way through. Gallery by the end of the week I hope.

Justin- have a couple more of yours will post up with the rest of mine when I finish sorting them.