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My First Kill !!!!!

Ive just had my first kill !!!! I feel Grrrrreat !

RIP MR 205 GTi 1.9.

For those of you that know the surrey area it was at the end of the Blackwater vally road (a331). It started on the slip road to the Hogs Back (a31) by the time we had got near the Esso station he was miles behind !

Dosnt the 172 engine sound great just at about 6000rpm !


Mine was a 206 GTI 2Ltr

On the M1 Between Fosse Park (Junction 21 i think) and Juntion 25

He was up my rear end for a while when I was doing 70 mph so I floored it. I give him credit he kept up with my until the speedo read 130mph then I started to loose him as I carried on to 135ish.:devilish:

Only problem was that the speed limiter in the passenger seat kicked in.

Had to return to 70 again or she would of had a heart attack. She started to sound like a dump valve at one point. Sucking in air with a whoosh noise.


The smile on my face gave it away when I went to pick her up..

you know,how many revs were you doing dont bust the car blah,blah blah... she loves it though, when shes in the car !!!!

Mine was 2 saxos that were at the lights waiting to race each other. They were not at all impressed when a clio with a 1400 badge on blitzed them both!


will do.. still getting used to the car though, having the rear end slip out on the Hogs back slip road today was unexpected ! you should have seen the 205 almost side ways, it was at that point I knew I might have traction problems as I was closing in on him fast !!!
  172 sport,

205 g/boxs run out off puff at 135 and its really annoying when ya car pulls upto it without any hesitation then runs out of revs , the only let down imo

the guy in the pug must of thought better of it and let off on a bend fatal in a pug lift off oversteer much fun

all the same a good scalp to have first well done
  mk2 172

my first kill was a tt 180, i was well happy, i was unaware of the beast i had purchased at that point

congrats on ur first scalp, may the roads bring ye more fortune;)(or something like that)


Killed my first Saxo yesterday, it was the first time one has ever had the confidence to have a go and I dont think he will bother again!! Cheeky little git tried to undertake me even though the fast lane was free!! So I pulled into the slow lane as I saw what he was about to do in my mirror, he then pulled back into the middle lane slowed down next to me and tried to acclerate away, big mistake as I was doing 85 at this point and I love the way the 16v can keep pulling at this speed, and lets just say he wont bother trying it on with the mighty Clio again!!

And then I was racing a pack of motorbikes but that is another story!!!

It just makes the 2hr journey back to the midlands more fun!


my first in the cup, out of a 40 zone a cupra r ? booted it in the outside lane, so I felt inclined and did her well and truely :)

  Renaultsport Clio 200 Cup

Had my first couple... Astra Coupe Turbo on the A272 coming out of Winchester... he didnt have the bottle (although I must admit I did scare myself a little cos it was my first taste of life above 6000rpm!)

Second was a W reg Vectra V6 SRi on the A23 past Crawley... 100mph in 5th, dropped to 4th and waved byebye...

for my Debut I managed to keep up with a Standard Impreza turbo, from 2nd off a roundabout throught to about 80 or 90, kept up with him on a number of small bursts over the space of about 10 minutes. Much to his disgust. there was no way I could have passed it and it did pull away, dramatically on the straight. ah well, was happy enough though.

my debut was after happily wearin her in, on saturday nite somin back from southend, it was wet and had just paid the toll at dartford bridge, now anyone who knows the bruidge knows, when you pay, the six payin lanes merge into kinda 2 or 3, there was this bird in her newish mx5 who wasgrinnin like a cheshire cat at me, my bird wernt too happy, anyway i wasnt in the mood to race, butdecided ahh fook it! put my foot down look to the side she was grinnin and my wheels were just spiinin, knocked it into 2nd, backed off to stop the spinnin and got goin, left her for stupids not even tryin, only to look to my left to see two indian guys in a late 01 VW bora 2.0, i was still in second and floored it! enjoyed watchin the expression on their faces as they started lookin down at the the 2.0 badge on me door as i pulled away not superquickly but noticeably quick enough to them, i only changed at around 5.500rpm-6.000rpm, and as soon as i hit third i was off!!!!!

the two i wanna be hard lads were left scratchin their heads! i love the fact that sooo many peeps dont realise what the 172 is capable of!