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No bass??

  09 GIXXER 750!!!

I have a clio 182. It has the standard Cabasse headunit. I have fitted four kenwood three way speakers in the normal door pods to replace the standard speakers as a couple were blown. The speakers before had little bass and the new ones appear to have not improved it much. I think the head unit is fine and the bass/treble settings are all ok. I dont really want a sub in to boot. Anything im doing wrong?? The only reason I ask is my misses has a 07 plate Fiesta and the stero in that has really good bass.

Anyone else got this problem. I have has a few Renaults (clios/laguna) and the steros always appear to be rubbish but I thought it would be a little better with the new speakers??
What output is the cabasse hu ?? I'm no expert but I bet it's not putting out a decent wattage. Maybe consider an after market HU, or get an amp on the go ?
  Ph1 172 + Combo van
speakers wont make a difference if they are not getting a strong clean signal from an amplifier. the factory headunit is very weak.

a new headunit might make it a little louder but nothing that you would notice in my opinion.

only way to do it is to get a sub.
or amp your front speakers and depending on how lower frequency they will play down to you will be able to get enough bass from them.