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Passenger in Clio Cup 172!

  Silver Fabia vRS

I went out in Waynes brand spanking new Cup last night. Very nice car! Speed wise seems about the same as mine from standing start but quicker in gear at around 50mph. Also sounds a lot louder in the cabin due to sound damping being removed. All in all a nice car but personally I am one for creature comforts! Anyone who is interested should definitely take it for a test drive as it is a performance bargain!

Geoff - having spent a lot more time in it than you so far, I dont think it is a lot louder (but that might be having got used to the Magnex on the silver one) but it doesnt sound a lot louder than mine either. It is certainly not less comfortable a ride than mine (although mine was harder on suspension anyway than the silver one for some reason) - and I think you might be wrong about the speed from standing - from a personal feel point of view anyway.

Matt - it will be at Donnington on Sunday :eek:

Lol Matt. Ill take you out for a spin if you want but you test drive it.......err no dont think so :D not that I dont trust you or anything :D