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Pictures of my car

the 19s has not blunt the performance as bad as expected, from the start is a little bit slower but once the car rolling is the same as it were on 17s, being a 2.0 probably help too
  BMW 320d Sport

Those 19s might not help the performance but they look the nuts. Putting 18s on my Clio really didnt affect it that much except off the line acceleration which was blunted slightly. If anything they ride better than my 15s.

Nick i have found that the ride are better on my car with 17s rather then 14s, i think its because when the car was on 14s the springs compress more closely, and when it sat on 17s the springs spread out more, allowing better spring travel
  (ex-2.0 Hybrid)CorradoVR6

Nice cars.
I am realy tempted in a megan coupe next they look so good with bigger wheels and a drop.

Hi brun, sorry to tell you but i think ill drop out of the rr day, didnt see the point of putting my car on the roller when its standard engine wise, perhaps other poeple on the standby can take my place, sorry about that but ill still turn up and meet some of you guys though.
  Range Rover, GTC, LP640

hiya monk cant say ive seen either of them cars those dynamics are nice and cheap and wud b perfetc on clio except 4 the bolts i dontlike wait till u c mine next month