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Pleaseeee help newbi

  Renault clio mk1 1.8
Hi everyone just bought a phase 1 mk1 1.8 16v. Needs restoring and need to no where to buy some goodies managed to find repair panels but anything engine wise I’m struggling would like a full exhaust system all new suspension brakes all round due system complete ranks aswell . Please can any one help as the list goes on I thank you 🙌🙌🙌


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  On the hunt!
Wowsers! That looks like a lot of work. Good look with the project. I love a valver!

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  Renault clio mk1 1.8
Yeah in it for a long one I thinks looks like it was left out side for Tom many years good old English weather has bit into it a bit

Coops Mk1

ClioSport Club Member
  Lots of Scrap...
Some stuff can still be had new like brake components and things, eBay usually best tbh, then the are bordanova and young timers (Google them) for replica and hard to find stuff and Mat Brown (Clio specialist on Facebook) for everything else.

Bought this off Dunc up my way didn't you? I've poked about the car, nice complete phase 1 but yeah the rust is in it and non starter iirc
  Renault clio mk1 1.8
Hi mate yeah this was Duncs phase 1 needs a fare bit of work even just to get the motor to run in desperate need of a complete tank both of them as this is what the sender looks like . And thanks for the tips 👌


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Coops Mk1

ClioSport Club Member
  Lots of Scrap...
Fooking hell that's been sat a while!

Fuel system stuff definitely Mat at the clio specialists as the phase 1 setup is specific to the car.

Have you dropped the tank yet to access the pump etc?
  Renault clio mk1 1.8
No only had time to see whAt was in the main tank and was bad orange gloop really smelly old petrol will drop both of them to see if I can salvage them but dought it the look really bad for a plastic tank they look werse than a metal tank 🤨 I’ll have a try 👍🏻

Coops Mk1

ClioSport Club Member
  Lots of Scrap...
Hopefully you can salvage the tank, it's phase 1 specific that setup too with separate sender unit and pump