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Project Log - Ph1 Flame Red 172

Djw John

Scotland - South
ClioSport Area Rep
Thought I'd start one of these, got them on and like the idea of charting any mods etc in 1 thread.

Does mean Im reposting some pics Ive already put up but hey ho!

Picked it up on the 22/8 with just under 42000 miles on it from FunkyMunky down in Luton and then drove the 400ish miles back home and it drove like a dream!

A couple of pics next to Bubbles' liquid 182





Stopped at the side of a random road near York as my Uncle was passing by the opposite way so was going to meet up but he missed the junction!!




And then yesterday gave it my first clean, just a very quick going over, only had AG car shampoo cos I cant find my zymol :S dried it with the help of some QD, cleaned the windows inside and out and dressed the tyres.










And the engine bay in an original state



Some planned mods for it in no order are;

Desticker it
Clear side repeaters
ph2 rear lights
Silvervisions all round
French plates
Colour coding (maybe ph2 side strips)
New steering wheel
new sounds
itg panel filter
clean up and poilsh the engine bay

Will probably lower it next year but very happy how it drives just now and its nice not to be bounced around everywhere!
  Chocolate Bar™
tbh mate, i regretted touching the suspension on mine. They handle so well as standard, i put some kw v2s on which are decent coilovers and the ride is still worse than standard. Looks like a minter btw ;)

Djw John

Scotland - South
ClioSport Area Rep
Cheers guys, yeah gotta admit Mark that this is the first car Ive had where im not itching to lower it! May just get some pros for it but it handles like a dream just now. Got plenty of time to think about it, not rushing things this time!


ClioSport Club Member
de-stickering them makes a hell of a difference, i did with mine and its totally cleaned it up, the plates would be a good idea also as you say.

looks lovely mate

Djw John

Scotland - South
ClioSport Area Rep
lol @ Jonny!

Iain I would but its a different airbox on mine compared to your old one.

Always desticker my cars Neil, some times re-add choice ones ;)
  Octavia VRS
Mint mint mint. Plans sound good, I'd even think about keeping the rear lights as they go so well with the colour
  H22A7 Accord Type R
you know what i love most about this car, other than the fact that it is mint..........

you bought it on my BIRTHDAY!!!!! :D Love it


ClioSport Club Member
awesome mate, sorry i went offline on msn the other day, didnt manage to get time to put the 15s on mine but will do soon!

i was itching from day one to put sportlines on mine, had only had it a month when i changed them. next up after a new exhaust is a set of 15s tho deffo as 16s are balls!


  GT3 RS, Caterham Duratec.
Looks nice. I LOVE ph1 172 flame reds. There :cool: Hopefully I'll see you around.

  GDI 227bhp ITB`d 172 cup
looks v nice m8, clean`s up well ;) , if ya fancy a carbon engine cover drop me a pm cause mines going 4 ITB`S this week so won`t b much good 2 me??

Djw John

Scotland - South
ClioSport Area Rep
Thanks both but I plan to get some matched ones from AWT throught the exchange deal and then get those ones polished up and gonna paint the current engine cover. Cheers though
  Car SOLD :-(
Thanks both but I plan to get some matched ones from AWT throught the exchange deal and then get those ones polished up and gonna paint the current engine cover. Cheers though

No worries, just make sure they send you one FIRST, delivery is s........l..........o............w , mine was a 5 week turnaround.

RS tuning remap well worth it too.
  Car SOLD :-(
Yeah? How much of a difference did they make individually and combined?

btw more pics being uploaded right now!

AWT inlets on their own aren't meant to make much noticable difference. Combined with remap its alot smoother in the power delivery, revs more freely, torque for overtaking feels better too. Not RR'd yet just subjective. Not a massive gain but worth it IMO

Djw John

Scotland - South
ClioSport Area Rep
As promised!

Gave the car a quick clean today and used Alans PC on the bonnet, not that its particulary awful, i just wanted a shot!

A before pic of some damage




before of another wee section


after, not completly gone but much improved


A shocking 50/50 attempt!



The finished article


Im sure I can improve on my techniques and get a better finish, that was just using sonus sfx1 with a 4" yellow spot pad though so dont expect uber shininess just think I can reduce the slight swirling more, did about 3 passes though so maybe Im expecting too much.

Gave the engine bay a wee clean too.

Previous pic posted at the start of the thread


And now



didnt spend too long on that today but will do at some point im sure!

Did the plastics with AG bumper care


And removed the rear stickers as well




Will order a new cs sticker, just wasnt happy with the postioning :(