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Quick Vid of Joshydee's Valver...


ClioSport Club Member

A quick vid i took when taken out for a spin in Joshs valver earlier today, i was suprised how quick it was after we spent most of saturday night stripping the back of it out.

*This video was filmed on a private land/road as you will be able to tell from the video.


ClioSport Club Member
I can view it :S

Might be cos i only uploaded it about 30mins ago. Ill let you know when its done. Whoops. :eek:
rapid, wheres tht road. is it closed or on a farm or sumink

Yeah its a road through some fields that leads a scottish power depot where only 2 people work. Its daft how good the corners are as its just an access road. Popular with people learning to drive with it been private. Never had any trouble off staff at scottish power as well. Thats where i learned to drive before i was 17.
ah itl be fine ul :p ...excuses excuses ;)
Anyone got the vid of my disapearing act on motorway? lol
Seriously though we will av to go out and terrorise the streets when i get mine