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Renault response to paint defects

  172 Cup

Has anyone had a succesful conclusion from Renault regarding paint defects?

I only picked up my cup on Friday and there is a problem with the paint on the bonnet, a small circle approx. 4/5mm in diameter of "missing" paint.

Considering I have only driven 350 miles and there are no signs of scratches, dimples, dents or abrasions in the imediate area of the defect what should I ask Renault to do?
  172 Cup

Im taking it back tomorrow for them to look at it. If they suggest "touching it up" I wont be happy!

I had a paint defect and got in sorted pretty quickly, had no hassle from them. Did you see it on the day you bought it at the dealership? Really you shouldnt accept it as soon as you see it.
  172 Cup

I did check it thoroughly when I collected it and all was fine. It happened today as i was washing the car. This small circle of paint (about the sixe of the circle of paper from a hole punch) just came off!!


  Audi TT Stronic

I too recently had problems with flaking paint (see thread titled paint chipping)

Took it into dealer .. they said it shouldnt be doing that.. book it in and get yourself a courtesy car..

its booked in for april