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Replacement Filter for 172

  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

What would you guys suggest?

Im not really interested in an induction kit, but feel a good quality replacement filter cant be bad.

What do you think of BMC or K&N?

a mate of mine had a K&N in his v-tec and swears blind by it

Dont think k&n make a replacement filter for the 172 ive got a green cotton one it will only make a little difference but will be alot better then the standard one i paid about £30 for mine

K&N replacement element for Mk1 172 is part number E-9131 (its the same filter as that used in the Renault 2.5 V6 engines). Ive had mine on for about 11000 miles now and all seems well - needs a bl**dy good clean though! Like everyone else says - dont expect miracles - theres nothing wrong with a clean standard filter - the replacement ones just seem to keep flowing better even when dirty though, so this is probably the only real difference...

Hope that helps!

ITG should be able to offer you a panel, they used my car to take measurements (Mk2 172)... Ive wandered round the factory watching them handmake panels for everything from Ladas to Lamborghinis...

It shouldnt be too long before the maxogen kits ready :) Ill post photos once Ive had the development kit fitted.

Airtech in Wynberg made one up for me, I think it cost R350 - R450, fitted by Mosport, so could be a bit cheaper if you go to them direct. Dont notice any performance difference tho. Makes a nice sucky whistly noise tho.

Gord R - Ill take one of you if you can post to Northern Ireland - wanted a green one though really? Anyopne know the part numbers for a green replacement filter?