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ClioSport Club Member
  BG FF 182
Just a heads up for anyone wanting to join on this little Welsh adventure.

@OssPoop and myself have booked into 3 b&b venues.

Thursday 12th Sept -13th here:

Friday 13th - 14th here:

Saturday 14th -15th here:

Thursday night we’ll meet at Woodside Lodges in Herefordshire, for a few beers and a bit of a get to know one and other.
Then Friday we’ll start our jaunt, on a route TBC. Loosely heading into The Brecon Beacons on Friday, up to Snowdonia Saturday, then Sunday either a wander around Northern Wales or back home.

You’re all more than welcome to join us ?? I think the Red Lion is fully booked up now, so you’ll have to find alternative accommodation, the other two do still have extra capacity :)


ClioSport Club Member
  BG FF 182
I’ve just watched Top Gear and the piece on the new Fiesta ST - Welsh roads, eat your heart out!

Fingers crossed that’s where I’ll be on Friday.

How was Wales Tim? :)

Is anyone else interested in this little trip?


ClioSport Club Member
Have you a link mate please @Tim.

And any recommend places to stop off at?
Here you go mate.

We’ve done a few Wales trips over the years, there are a few separate threads here, I’ll try and find them.

As for places to go, honestly, anywhere! It’s an incredible country, the roads are sublime.


ClioSport Club Member
Yes this time next week,Fry up then off on the welsh roads!.

Even if anyone just wants to join us for a day blast on the roads your all welcome 😁


ClioSport Club Member
  BG FF 182
What’s your latest plan/route chaps?

Basically. Meet near Hereford on the Thursday night.

Friday is playtime in the Brecons, then B&B and a few beers.

Saturday, go do the Black Mountain Pass, then head up to Snowdonia.....via the B4518 (your fav 😉)

Once there, I don’t know where we will go, just need to do the B4391.

Then B&B and beer then a completely random Sunday run, I think that’s when Northerners and Southerners go their separate ways.


ClioSport Club Member
If all goes well mate im sure were arrange another trip next year but maybe earlier in the year early/mid summer @frayz

First Location is only 3 & half hrs but home time 😫 @0ss


ClioSport Club Member
We had a couple of sheep moments today, one launched itself off a rock into the middle of the lane right in front of us and another that was casually walking down the white line and wouldn't shift. IMG_20190913_154244.jpg