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Santa Pod today

Went down with Craggy in his VTS. Other Clios there included a silver MK2 172, a Cup, a 16ver (didnt see it do any runs though) and an RSi. There was also a CTR there.

As for the times.....until the point that we left:

172 MK2 - lots of times at around 15.8 and a 15.6

172 Cup - 14.97, 15.15, couple of 15.2s and a few more as high as 16.1

CTR - ranging from 15.2 (once!) and several more around 15.8

Craggy - 16.01, 15.94, 15.84, 15.73, 15.60 - and a few more runs, consistently below 16 seconds.

Excellent day, looking forward to York where I can make a fool of myself with the Williams :oops:. Hopefully a couple of new recruits to the club as well....


PS: Highlight of the day was definitely Craggy putting in his best time against the 172 Cup. Got a much better start than the Cup and slaughtered it off the line, but the Cup managed to get back in it and post a 15.15 run (although I think Craggy actually beat him to the finish line!)

Videos to follow...........!

Your call of course, Kathy, but I have to disagree. People always post 1/4 mile times on the General forum. If Id called it 172 vs VTS vs Cup it would have stayed on the main forum. This wasnt about a meeting, it was about my day out videoing cars at Santa Pod. :confused:

Edit - Just want to add that if I was looking for people to meet up at Santa Pod today, the meeting forum would be where this post should have gone, but its not. It wasnt even a meeting - we went down in 1 car! !!

Craig - I am still carless so didnt run :-(