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sat nav power connection

  R35 GTR

I am trying to do a tidy install of my cradle and tomtom gps reciever for my xda.

I have been fiddling about in the car and pulled the ash tray out. Then thought why not pull the rest out, and it came away easy enough giving access to cigarette lighter wiring.

Is it safe to connect in parallel to the cigarette lighter? I want to do this and then put a switch on my cradle.
  V6 Exige, GTR R35

ive done this with my origin b2 - should be safe enough if you dont use the cigarette lighter at the same time. It would probably blow the fuse if you used it, but a higher amp one could always be used...
  V6 Exige, GTR R35

when the ignition is off the unit is off too....

i just wired it into the connections going into the bottom of the plug for the cigarette lighter.