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saw the 2nd best bulging front arches..

I had one follow me home today - the Lancia Delta Intergrale, i know theyre supposed to be carbon fibre rot buckets but they look damn good, very mean looking and i reckon i could be tempted to have one?!?


(obviously 1st is the valver!)

A later Delta Integrale Evo should dust any Clio.

0-60 is 5.7 secs. Dominated the world rally championships for most of the late 1980s/early 1990s.

  mk2 172

0-60 on scoobs i raced off rolling starts is faster than that, and they were hardly faster, if at all after i got it chipped

Rolling starts are a different matter as we all know! Id be really surprised to see a Clio even keep up with one of these babies, so get out there with your Willy and your camera and find one to race!:D
  Clio 197

The Lancia is surely a classic and the first really great Grp A car, but they have been obsolete for a while. The Scooby and Evo will have it for lunch.

They are very nice to look at though. And the rally pedigree is not to se sneezed at!

grales are quite heavy though about 1300-1400kg. The early 8valves had only 165 bhp as well. Then they got 185bhp and then the 16v came in at the 200 mark. The evos with the wider track had about 220bhp I think. So depends which one you were up against. I was teased by the 185bhp 8 valve as the insurance would have been £200 a year cheaper than the clio for 6.4 to 60! But got scared by all the horror stories. I did speak to someone with a mint evo 2 though who had owned it a year and including the drive back from Italy didnt spend a penny on it.

I had a change to buy a left hand drive gun metal grey coloured one - it was the 1.6 turbo! Lovely motor - classic look on a par with the MK2 Golf - timeless!
  mk2 172

i raced the huge arched one in bright yellow, think it was an evo, 4wd cars with 220 bhp were no probs for the willy off a rolling start to keep up with or beat, i beat an audi quattro 200 bhp, pulled away from it

My brother owns a last of the line limited edition Integrale Evo II (reg 1995) (Lagos blu) - it has 215bhp (the same as the rest of the Evo IIs), 4WD, turbo and is bloody fast! We have raced each other on numerous occasions and i get hammered nearly every time! Off the lights you will prob stay close in a Williams / 172 cos many Integrale owners do not do full throttle standing starts cos the clutches often pack up completely with too much abuse. However, if you meet one on the move (and on the twisties) I am sure they will win every time. Theyve got a hell of a lot of torque and the grip and handling is unbelievable - they can be scarily quick around B roads! And yeah, they look absolutely awesome - ludicrously flared wheel arches, bonnet bulges and vents.

Lancia does have a notorious rep for their cars rusting, but if you go for the Evo II cars (93-94) (hand built at a different plant) you shouldnt have any problems. Anything pre 92 Evo 1 is likely to have rust somewhere (around the windscreen/ door bottoms/ tailgates)- but the situation is not as bad as is to be made out.

I may sell my Williams next yr and by my bros Integrale off him as I love them!

Craggy - Im sure you did keep up with one - especially as ur Williams seems to be bloody quick judging by the numerous cars you have caned! I can stay with my bros Integrale in a straight line upto about 70 (him being a few car lenghts ahead) but in a proper race when I am chasing him around twisting roads and fast sweeping bends he just leaves me for dust. The handling on it is soo good that not many cars will stay with it round the twisties, although on a straight stretch of tarmac its a little different.

Only drawback with Integrales is the insurance and maintenance - they can cost about £1500 a year on servicing alone.