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Silver 172 and Black 1.2 16v in Bristol today

  180.5 bhp 172
- Silver 172 in between Yate and Frampton/Winterbourne. Dunno if you saw me wave back before you drove past, but I did. Its not often people acknowledge you, so made a nice change :cool:

- Black 1.2 16v with Cliosport sticker on the boot glass comming out of Asda car park in Cribbs Causeway.
  180.5 bhp 172
It was on the 50mph road between Frampton Cotterell and Iron Acton/Yate, just before the railway crossing.

If you waved at another Silver 172 today, then it was you.... lol
  180.6Bhp 172 cup (cc)
Yeah also noticed you waved back, makes a change most of the time just get a confussed look!!