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Silver 172 Bristol

  Yaris Hybrid
On the Ring Road, personalised plate, J16 *** or something. Aftermarket exhaust.

I followed for a bit trying to memorise the full reg but promptly forgot! It turned off to go up the hill towards pucklechurch.

Wasn't in the mood for racing after having just seen the 3" p*nis brigade in their jap crap going through the 30 zone in Wick at about 100 on the wrong side of the road and then nearly take out a couple of innocent motorists on a ring road roundabout. They were then followed by what looked like a Focus RS with neons but it might just have been an ST.

Dunno what it is but either Bristol is going down the sh*tter at a terrifying rate or there was some kind of specific car meeting going on in the area? Was something going on tonight? I have used the Ring Road as a speed testing zone before but some people now are starting to take the p*ss and being wreckless. Hope they meet a large tree sooner rather than later....

Still at least the Clio was being driven relatively sensibily!
  Yaris Hybrid

Hooray first time I have ever been spotted in my Clio.

Did you see those idiots racing like maniacs?


ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
driving like idiots? Jimer not involved?? Shirley shum mishtake..........
  Yaris Hybrid
He was driving like an angel in comparison so I guess that gives you some idea as to how stupid they were!
jimmer1 said:
nah i did not see them racing,

it used to be your poo lol

and looking at the colour of his current "poo" he had one hell of a curry last nite.......