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Sorry, another spacers thread!


ClioSport Club Member
  255, 230, 172, R26
Hiya guys, before I get the alloys sorted on the 172 I want to sort the coilovers & spacers.

Im after 15 or 20mm spacers, not the shim type ones as they were horrid. So either hubcentric or the ones with the lip ?

I have found some on ebay

Now, I can't buy these as paypal are being rubbish! (exceeded my sending limit) :eek:

I have found this site, seem a good price too? But I have no idea what I am looking for tbh. 4x100 ? I don't want to spend £100 on a set of 2! I drive like miss Daisy 80% of the time!

Please help! I also need some camber adjusting bolts!

Many many many thanks! :S
  e92 330i
Kamracing are good for the camber bolts.

Try venom motorsport for FK spacers, i have 15mm hubcentric with extended bolts and its fine. If going 20mm I'd get hubcentric bolt to hub type.


ClioSport Club Member
  Rusty Cup
Hi :) ah the age old spacer conundrum!! Never quite as cheap as you would want them to be but they play a fairly serious role. I once fitted spacers to my 1.2 clio on the cheap and the front wheels pretty much fell off as i didnt use long enough bolts and i needed work doing to the hubs before the wheels would go back on!!

Of course my experience can be avoided by not being retarded..

If i was buying spacers again i would want the system b bolt on ones, but if you dont fancy spending the extra money just keep in mind that spacers over 10mm will need longer bolts (this is where i failed) and yes you are looking for 4x100's

Also the link you put up is as far as im aware for 2x 10mm = 20mm rather than 2x 20mm spacers but this is worth confirming with the vendor.

If it was me i would lower the car on coils then make an informed decision on which size spacers i needed to finish the look off :)