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sorry to be a pain Brun.. but m8...

I have been following the ecotek forum..

the way I dee it is this..

You fitted an Ecotek ?

You thought it definitely helped ?

Your Idle control valve was screwed up by it, costing you dosh for ecu AND valve.. ?

It is now, not only logical that the device doesnt work.. but it is PROVED and cofirmed even by ecotek.. that it CANNOT work - even if it di offer benefits lol - in you engine configuration - due to the design of the inlet manifold.. ????

So, its a loada bollox.... ..... (on your car at least (Cos I dont wanna upset too many people.. and I CERTAINLY aint posting this to aim anything at you m8 )

I can tell you a true story, I joined the Royal Navy at 16, and was seasick lol, I tried the copper wrist band.. and it worked !!!.. no proof.. no evidence... it worked for me..

Its so easy to think something works as stated, and in some cases, fun is waht ya make of it, however achieved... I suppose all that matters at the end of the day is the fun YOU get out of the game, or I get outa my game playing with turbos n trick parts lol

I cannot tell a lie.. about 20 years ago I would have, and probably DID lol , buy every damn gadget and gizmo that promised to give me even .05% more ooooooooooomph...

I just got cautious after a while..

yer pal..

  Skoda Fabia vRS

Joe i know what your sayin, and i still DID feel a difference

but, as you pointed out, that was because my ECU had adapted to the device, at this moment i have it turned off AND reset the ECU, and the car now feels the same, i admit it !

however, from the diagram you have supplised me, its possible it CAN work on my engine properly