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splitter query

  RenaultSport clio 172 mk2
Hi, I am thinking of getting a new splitter however I'm undecided if the £100 or so would be better spent on something else. However last weekend I found myself in a gravel car park in the peak district that a tank would feel more sutible in and my car rolled out with a few battle scars (see pic) would a splitter (carbon or plastic cup type) cover up the scratches you can see ? I must admit the pictures dont make it look bad, but in person they are pretty deep (2/3mm) and would deffo dive into my wallet for a splitter if it totally covers the whole bottom 2/3CM of the front bumper.
Thanks all.
  RenaultSport clio 172 mk2
Aww thats a ballache could have been 2 birds with one stone. I actually saw a thread where some guy had some good pics of him attempting to fit a splitter but he was asking why it didnt quite fit. I saw this pics an thought great as it covered loads of the bumper however it wouldnt quite fit cos he was attempting to put it on upside down lol.
  Black Mk2 172
Get a carbon splitter mate, i have one gives the front end a meaner look imo , makes it look lower aswell
  Rb182cup+s2 rallye
i just paid 105 for my carbon splitter from k-tech and the first thing i noticed was that it was carbon lol i think they royally took the piss priceing it aswell holding it i just cant see how they charged that much for what it is.
it has a crappy carbon weave at the front and the rest is the resin but i bet itll look good on.