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struggling to find a cambelt worthy garage.....

  BG 182

i live on the isle of wight and as such, im limited to a renault main dealer and many indies....

does anybody know of a garage on the island capable of resealing the rocker cover and putting the belt back properly? or is it looking like a 40 quid ferry, a trip to rentech and shopping at gunwharf?;)

  BG 182
that settles it then. because renault main dealer can eat s*** and die for the price they quoted :) gets me off the island for the day aswell
I'm over here too!

I went to Rentech for mine. But a mate of mine had his done at Renault and has had no problems *touch wood*
  BG 182
Hi revels, what neck of the woods are you from? and i would go for harwoods but its so bloody expensive, their workmanship seems to be alright..


ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
I can't see many people willing to re-tension a cambelt. Good practice would be to renew the belt at an absolute minimum. Ideally a new kit with the tensioner etc.
  Mk4 Mondeo Estate
If the belt is already coming off then for a bit extra money I would get a new cam belt kit to save on labour. Obviously depends on how long the belt has been on for though.
  BG 182
considering getting the dephaser done at the time, considering the labour incurred is mostly covered by removal of belts. im on 58 k with nothing in history about new vvt pulley? preventative maintenence justified, or does it have lots of life left?