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Tesco Insurance rules !


  Audi TT Stronic

Well first of all,

Tesco gave me my cheapest quote when I was looking for insurance for my 172, at £780 fully comp I wasnt complaining.

Now I just phoned up to add my GF to my policy for a week, she is 21 with a provisional license, no NCB, no accidents/convictions

Guess how much to add her to my policy for the Clio 172 (group 16 remember) for 1 week.

£7 !!! yep 7 quid .. how good is that !

lol, thats f**king good for a hot hatch!

My mate was getting insured on his first car, 306 xs. His insurance comapny, Insurance Factory, Quoted him £250 cheaper if he put a 17 yr old Girl on his policy as additional driver. ???
  clio williams, Ph1 172

its not fair. My GF is 18 and her insurance is about as cheap as mine and i am 22 with 5 years no claims. she doesnt even have six months yet.

Mind you i got my insurance for £620 fully comp for my 16v this year


  Audi TT Stronic

damn those bitches get cheap insuranse (its okay my GF doesnt read this forum ;))

Just watch out when it comes to renewal time. Get a new quote from them rather than accepting their renewal price. They tried to get an extra £700 from me.


LOL Well I can beat that - I got a quote for a williams and it was £440 FC - so I got a quote with my girlfriend added and it was £404 - £36 cheaper - and shes had an accident in the last 3 years!! Tesco couldne tell me why as they didnt know LOL

7 per week = 364 per year. hmm

I always liked tecso until elephant quoted me £320 for the willy this year. Cheap enough to purchase protected no clain or even guaranteed no claims

Its not fair that they get cheaper insurance but then they do drive far more carefully (note I didnt say safer)

I got a reduction of 270 for my 172 from Elephant by putting my Mum on the insurance!! I am 22 with 2 years no claims and I got cover for £916 fully comp! The original quote was £1185 before I put her on.!!

Only prob with Tescos is they have terrible customer service in the event of a claim. My girlfs car was stolen 3.5 months ago and she still hasnt sorted out the money yet. They have faffed her about terribly and provided her with no courtesy car etc....not even an apology!!.

Be warned... Check and DOUBLE check your excess!! Tesco wanted £1079 from me to renew mine but they also wanted £700 excess in the event of an accident (not stated clearly anywhere on the schedule). Check with the cuistomer service person when you ring them.


  Audi TT Stronic

I did it online so I know exactly what my excess is. Tesco now provides a curtosey car if you pay a little extra, although I havent gone for this option I will when I renew.