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the 172 has

  FRS Mk3 Red edition


the girlfriend picked it up on wednesday and i havent seen her since.she has rang me and she is driving around and posing in it.

must admit when she drove it away i was gutted.

will bring the CTR to one of the meets and pitch it against a interesting to see them together in real time driving.

i have the same problem mate, me and the other half share the 172 but i only get to drive it weekends, and she has it the rest of the time to show off in,




ClioSport Admin
  Maserati Ghibli S

Wes, I have exactly the same as you. I miss it Mon-Fri!


  Shiny red R32


You should think yourselves lucky that your girlfriends allow you to drive their cars at the weekends!

  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

My girlfriend has had my car once for 30mins and I sat in the seat next to her. She enjoyed it a lot especially when I encouraged her to floor it in second.. My girlfriend is a good driver, but she is used to her AX 1.1 and tended to break my car about 100m too soon for junctions, plus it would cost too much money to insure her on the car at the moment.

my car is








Although, i would probably let a girlfriend drive it for.......mmmmmmmmmmmm 1 accelerator press lol.

accelerate... up to 6000rpm, *Right stop, thats far enough, cant u hear the engine, its crying for me* :oops:

Pillesnoppen, yep, thats kewl..

however, watch for the sting in the tail !.

ie... that new kitchen, or something equally non perfroming lol..:devilish: