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i was out going 2 football, Minding my own buisness on monday , when a fiesta suddenly pulled out of the side of the rd where it had been parked , never seen me cuming a crashed straight into my bk qtr pannel sent me spinning into railings further up the rd :mad: Then the cheekey b******s just drove away!! by the time i got out of my car they were well gone .. phoned the police straight away and they said we cant get any 1 out 2 nite it will b 2morow tea time (bloody typically) just recived phone call this morning 2 say police found a burnt out fiesta whith a badly dented wing and front.. I am just bloody sick ,,it is going 2 cost around £1500 2 fix and i dont want 2 put it through my insurance , i just feel like i do not want 2 drive any more..:(

They just little toe rags who dont give F**K and no respect 4 any 1 else am just totaly gutted the more and more i think about it:(
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Where do you live dude? Come and live in Manchester, no trouble at all if u believe it or not. Traffic not too bad, no conjestion charges. Mint. ;)

huh mailto:tw@ts">tw@ts if they lived in the UAE theyd get 50 lashes in public... Good old fashioned justice has gone from this country.. too many kids and teens arent afraid of the law....
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the law has no power over them. the kids are flouting the loop holes in the law knowing damn well they can get away with it. Teachers are scared to discipline in case they are accused of abuse, parents couldnt give a feck about where their kids are and we wonder why theres so many kids out on the streets up to no good. Too much compassion for the criminals (oooh, oooh, but he came from a broken home - tough sh*t, so did I) and jack all concern for the victims. For Gods sake, is there any chance of a reality check? Ive gone from being tolerant and understanding towards those who cause crime and their reasons for it, to now being sick to death of mealy-mouthed reasons why it was ok for some little sh*t to nick my radio because he was kicked out of school when he was 16 and wasnt loved by his mum. I dont care anymore what ther reasons for it where, now i just want them punished, not this reformed sh*t. Not enough room in prisons? Then build some more! (woops, little rant).

Im sorry to hear about your car cr172.


Sorry to hear that fella! yeah dont go throuigh insurance, it must be exp enuf as it is!

little f**kers!

f**king right about the prisons scudetto - Cant believe theyre allowing burglars who get caught for the first offence a slap on the wrist and sent on their way - Their reasons is because the prison system is too full! - The irony being that the average burglar gets caught when doing their 7th to 10th job, so they get slapped on the wrist and sent away and then they commit another 7 to 10 robberies before getting caught for the second time and eventually a custodial sentence - 20 f**king robberies later!!!!!

Build more prisons where it wont affect normal law abiding citizens - the north pole for example! - w**kers....

cr172@18 - Sorry about your car mate...........THE BOZ

well said Scudetto, sorry to hear about that mailto:cr172@18">cr172 18... :( i would have been very keen to chase them, tho would have ended up in dangering some other poor bugger or crashing.... lets face it they will pay for it in time! They will never have a good quality of life or even learn to spell their name.

That is so harsh mate:( These things happen to us all eventually, just be glad you didnt get injured! Before you know it youll be back on the road and loving it all over again!

thats sh*t mate, are you sure you dont wanna put that kind of bill through your insurance? it would only not be worth it if your renewal for the next peroid went up by the same amount or more surely?

its b****cks to think about anyway, but can you afford 1500 notes?

the tw*ts.burn em!
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What a bummer mate! Where did that happen?

Is there not a government body set up for dealing with accidents/claims for uninsured stolen vehicles. Im sure I heard about one!!

sorry to hear mate, lets just hope some of the sh*ts that done it caused some serious internal damage to themselves later in the night
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geordie paul,

its called the criminal injuries compensation board. idea is that if youve been a victim of crime and suffered a financial loss thats not covered by insurance, you can put in an appeal to them for a claim. never used it myself so no idea how good it is.

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sorry to hear that cr172 - I can imagine how upset you must be feeling right now. I nearly tore my hair out when some idiot reversed out of the space next to mine not realising my car was there swinging their front into it. They just drove off and didnt leave a note!

I totally agree with scudetto.

sh*t mate......

best of luck with repairing/renewing......

frikkin asswholes, the mroe i think of it, the more i think englands nxt generation is goin to ruin this country.......

Ring the Motor Insurance Bureau, they cover drivers hit by uninsured parties. Two of the lads at work have had to do this and they are pretty sharp at sorting things out, one of the lads even got whiplash compensation from them.

Sorry to hear about it but there is a light at the end of the tunnel, btw, if they ask u aint fully comp cos they haggle u to use your own insurance company then ;)

OOOOPS, just noticed someone has already put the url up, god Im thick lately!:confused:
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Cheers...I knew there was something like that. mailto:cr172@18">cr172@18 I would give them a call seems like they could help.


Justice is gone down the pan. the police arent bothered and the little sh*t get away with it.

You catch a f**ker breaking into your car and give him a good beating - you are the one in court. You cant defend you own property and they know it. Bout time we get it sorted - would like to see what happens if Tony Blair beat up an intruder.
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hehe Yeah rite. But Tony Blair couldnt beat his way out of a paper bag. Or organise a piss up in a brewery.

BenR this has allways happened. Isnt just the youth of today. Been happening for a very long time. Perhaps a bit worse but not everyone is bad!!!

Good luck with the claim. Take Paddys Advice and try a claim through them! Worth a go mate!