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The Mother of all Oil Threads

  Skoda Fabia vRS

oooooooo, ill take a look

but ive already noticed a lie from the Mobil man

"we have the most experience with these oils " - this is not true, the company to make the first synthetic oil was the american oil company Amsoil
  Skoda Fabia vRS

the second statement is more to the truth, this comment in particular is something i was trying to convey in the other oil thread

"What we have found through experience, is that there are many vehicles out there that are certainly non production, are of higher mileage, that have engines with larger clearances either through design or wear in bearings, pumps and piston areas. The difficulties experienced by some owners are not caused by Mobil 1, it is a specific engine problem in respect to new technology low viscosity oils. "

THIS, is why i suggested using a 10W/15W for a Clio 16v/Willy, they are an engine of older design, with larger clearances than say the 172

Hi Brun,

yes, but the 1.8 litre and williams are NOT non production unless heavily modified.. and, dont be too sure on the clearances etc.. they are not some ancient technology lol.

If someone has a knacker of a car that has been thrashed to hell and back, then ok.... but, for instance, adding an IK, exhaust etc is so limited in its performance enhcancement that they are still production.

Bottom line is that the standards are the key.. ;) - and I think you will find the same echoed in the thread..

One AC 3 oil is as good as another... but one 10-50 grade is NOT as good as another...... thats it really.. see what the manufacturer advises, and stick to the STANDARD..

If you HEAVILLY mod a car - ie - increase the rev range or power output significantly, then you can alway go up a standard.. no necessarily a grade range.

Easy really init lol ???
  Skoda Fabia vRS

Joe, even if the clearances are similar, the wear on the engine will be far greater on the cars simply because of age, if you have a 16v which has only done say 30k, then by all means id say a 5W would probably be ok, but most have done 70k+ now, so this part of the statement still holds true

"or wear in bearings, pumps and piston areas"

Not true Sir, you are presuming that wear will be out of tolerence.

That is not the case, some will be due to being abused usually lol.. but a simple check can assess this.

a compression check and oil pressure check is all that it usually takes. If it within specification, its fine.

If it isnt, then the unit needs attention and shouldnt be used under heavy load. You might as well put stp oil gunge in it.

Putting mobil one etc in a worn unit is like wearing a fur coat and not being able to afford the knickers to wear underneath.

changing the oil away from the manufacturers specification standard due to out of tolerence wear is simply delaying the inevitable, carrying on thrashing the unit when its worn makes no logical sense really.


hee hee, lol at Horace..

Yes Brun, but the recomendation By renault now is listed in the previous thread and supercedes the more difficult to quantify simple sae rating.

Again, providing it meets the standard and the engine is not heavilly modified, then the sae rating is more relevant to temperature of operation for starting.

The standards such as ACEA are more relevant to protection overall which is, I presume, to what you are referring.

and yes, ooops, I DO need to do some REAL work for the next few hours lol !>!

  Skoda Fabia vRS

ok mate, if you cant make it then dont buy that CCC for me, ill try an go trafford sometime, ive got paid now :D

So what oil shall i use in my williams? :)

its done 37k miles.

im using that Magnatex stuff at the moment.. think its 15w40 or something maybe 10w40

any oil that conforms to the std laid down by the manufacturer that suits your pocket. And, any that you have brand loyalty to lol...

Personally, I like castrol as I trust them to deliver (but thats purely personal taste):oops:- it will be no better or worse than another with the same specification conforming to the same standard..

If ASDA or Tesco sold an oil with the name Oily Harrys Agricultural Tractor formula for 3 quid for 5 ltrs that conformed to the above, I would happily buy that too :D
  Skoda Fabia vRS

personally, id use Silkolene Pro S 10W-50

buy it online from

when your car gets a bit older you might wanna switch to the 15W-50 version if your car gets noisier or if you start to use oil

when your car gets a bit older you might wanna switch to the 15W-50 version if your car gets noisier or if you start to use oil

Or, save the money on the expensive stuff and sort the problems out lol...:D
  BMW 320d Sport

I cant believe were onto oil again! AAAAAAAARGH NOOOOOOO!

15w50 is what the book says and thats what I use. Plus I have a preference for Mobil 1 anyway which has always kept my engine tip top internally so there we go.

Anyway Brun if you go to the meet I think you should badger Joe into actually paying some subs and becoming a proper member. This server doesnt pay for itself...

providing I can keep just the one star.. I am kinda fond of it.... and like the balance.. its sorta symetrical , as opposed to looking like a sign on kylie minogues (or S club Juniors) dressing room door lol !.

and, you are correct Nick.. I must confess... apart from the use of the word says as in book says.....:eek:, the correct spelling is said, as in book used to say - or said :devilish: :D

When the magic boomerang flies..... all time stands still ! (Bet ya cant remember that show lol !!!.

  clio williams, Ph1 172

I use stuff like Comma 10w 40 semi synthetic and the last stuff I got was Delphi and is 10w 40 semi synthetic again. That stuff is apparently used by BMW dealers and porsche dealers. Only cost me £8.99. Seems fair enough to me. Both comply to standards and are for high performance multivalve engines. my cars really quite. apart from on cold days at start up for a few seconds. runs spot on too.