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Type R, 172, FTO

Ok guys like i said when i go back to NZ i will do some real testin of 172 against the new Integra Type R (200 hp version not Jap 220 version) and a FTO GPX (200hp) .

Any request of what you want me to do? straight line drag see who will win? take all three cars n give a comment? race them around the place against their owners? (not too sure how good they r its all down to the driver)

Can do race with a stock 172 and a remapped, filter and exhaust (the usual mods)

anyway if u r interested n got some ideas tell me

Ben R i m tryin to organise GTA for u Leo is busy coz of new year n xmas he needs to spend time with family i will tell his son (he is 22 or so i think) n ask him to organise somethin for u huh hows that

sounds good, but i heard he doesnt actually have an GTAs in the country yet, and only 5 are commin.

anyway, a test in anything mildly exoti would be cool.

and im seriously considering a ITR for teh UK.........

a few already on the road mate saw them with my eyes... some celebs bought one it was on those entertainment newspaper.

not seen any.........

but has leo actually got them in?

cause he wasa talking to my dad about it and the feasability of them....oh, and also a new elise or something......i think its the 111s as its got aircon and more carpet etc etc...and more power.

i m not too sure about a demo car of GTA but there are definately GTAs in HK already. Check it out though i will ask .

Done anythin to ur 172 yet? oh man i m leavin next saturday nite :(

not done anything and dont plan need......

well, can we get one from the alfa dealer?

well have to meet up before mob # is 60752701

i m guessin u speak mostly english haha i dont wnat to ring up n then no one could understand :D

we can do that goin to alfa but the problem is we have to play this game call "prospective buyer" u know wut i m sayin... if they dont feel u r interested they r not goin to borther ... but of coz i m sure u r pretty good at this game ahhaha... u want to play it?

where is the showroom, if we pull up in a expensive enough car, then im sure we can play it......ive done it before.......but you have to be so serious, and then they come out for a drive..boring.

and yes, i ONLY speak do you get by in NZ!?

u mean how i get by in nz as in testin cars or speakin

i speak english, cantonese n mandarin. so that answers some of it ;D

Yup definately i play the game quite a bit haha .... in nz "sometimess" they dont come along... but in HK everyone goes along huh.,

u got a V6 clio lyin around ? ahhaha maybe we can pull in on that ahha... yeh just act bloody serious thast all n ask this n that u know they will think u want to throw money out to them :D

unfortunately, we dont have any V6, all sold...........

and i did mean how do you get by if english is not one of you main no worries.

i think my cantonese isnt as good as my english i have to think before i say it or else i will look like a dick.

hhm... let me think any rich relatives with porsche? hahaha

I think we can always just go there with 172 i mean its a car thats for ppl with "taste" and taste of performance . hey look even Philip Ma (ok i think) owns one n hes got loads

haha close enough its a Clio. so i will go n ask first see wut happen n then if not we play the game . hows that for leisure

Ben mate Happy New Year

wut u doin tonite? So u want to play the game... i think Leo is on holiday with family. or do u want to meet up sometime?

there is a drive on early sunday morn, maybe you want to come?

ill try to make it, also drinks on friday or sat night?

im busy this week with partying!

Tell us how the FTO vs the 172 goes mate. I had a drag with one of them last week.. a good friend of mine. Mentioned he was suprised at how fast it was. It was just a friendly drag but he did end up beating me by half a car length, i was 2 up he was by himself.

FTOs are great looking cars thou..

Ben did u receive a text msg from me to ur mobile? u want to do somethin on friday nite my throat is banged up i m losin my voice so better not ring u yet. Wut are u doin on friday? workin?

Ben mate did u receive my text msg? anyway hows it goin i lost my freakin voice i drop by Renault today they said u werent in neither was ur dad">

BTW, im leaving in 10mins!!!

so ill have to talk tomorrow.

but ill be on later tonight......i.e. LATE