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U Cant be serious, surely!!!!!!!!!!

Was just browsin through the 172 gallery, seein whether there were any new cars. Anyway got as far as the first page, and noticed a nice silver one, (turns out it was yogis), clicked the secong image for a zoom, to have a good look a the wheels..when my attention was brought to the saxo just in the background, this was because of the wheels! they are jaw droppingly huge! and look almost superimposed but cant be! have a look and let us know what u think!

its my patented perspective systemTM

if you stand far enough away you could fit 30s on a saxo.

mr c boy the wheels ar round and have spokes i rate nothing unless i have tech specs
  Clio v6

Some technical specs for you then.

Its a Saxo.

Its got some round wheels.

It is owned by a Burbury capd Essex Boy ( most likely )

The operator ( hate to use the word driver in vain ) is hunched over the steering wheel with one arm.

  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

i think the lad who owns it must be 5 years old, because if he was any older he would be too heavy to drive in the car.



no its a 106 and its on merc fitment 19s with new hubs

its drivable

and its very nice

but its still a 106