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Valver running scared..........

  mk2 172

lol, well maybe not

just been trying to hunt ans scalp a silver modded 16v on sheffield parway but the fool was doing about 80 in a 50 constantly, was wanting it to slow down and have a race, reckon he saw me then made a dash for it to avoid embarrassment he he he

it was J*** PHD,

ps sorry if your on here and i called you a fool:D
  Was a Clio 1.8 16v

Traffic light race to 50mph would only be the drivers ability. So if hes at one with his valver theres no reason he cant make you his b*tch. ;)
  mk2 172

greper - i just wanted him to slow down, one blast over the speed limit would have been fine, but him going that speed all the time was annoying me to f**k!

mikey- would take a good man to beat me off the lights;), provided they dont go on orange or summat!
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

Craggy - agree with you, quick blast is Ok, but that much over 50 and for an extended period is stupid.
  mk2 172

just been to put my private plate on at sheffield dvla, iv got a van for everything else, so when i drive my vts i wanna enjoy it, i dont do anything practical in it. just do mileage for fun. thats how i get my kicks

Depends where you are..

I just had a VTR on Crittles Corner roundabout after he made a stupid overtaking manouvere on a busy road. Dont underestimate the 1.2 ;)

Craggy - I work on the Parkway (the white & green Dixons buildings). You should have stopped off for a cuppa!



Im a student in Sheffield. That dixons building, is it a call centre? If so thats the place i have just been given a number too for getting a part time job. You fancy trying to get me a job there?


Yes, its a call centre. Its pretty easy to get a job here. Call the number, provided you dont come across as a psycho over the phone theyll give you a date to go to an "assessment centre". Theyll check your typing and listening/phone skills and then make you have a group discussion. They then pick people from that. If you get an interview/assessment centre let me know and Ill tell you what to expect.

  mk2 172

cool ,didnt know your place was there rhys, knew you worked at dixons tho. that parkway is so bloody bumpy in places, almost went to hillsborough through missing a roundabout!, my memory was a bit hazy. my new plates should turn up soon. got "FULL CHAT GUARANTEED" as my slogan courtesy of george from SSC he he. have already got the plates made up brand new but they say hillpower on then and have got renault badge! waste of 30 quid in hinesight but there no good for the saxo!

time will tell my friend! race after race i become more confident of beating you, i actually lost 2 races to a 106 GTi last night(REALLY messed up my starts) but as soon as i got power down i was reeling him in like no mans business, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come down on thursday so we can settle this!