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Viper + K-tec exhaust - first thoughts

Well guys, the works all done, and Im back home, got to say K-Tec are a great bunch of guys, everything is sweet, lexus style lights the works.

Now, the induction kit, well, its there, its routed down to behind the bottom grille, the sound? well, not too easy to tell (Maybe Im going deaf) but I think its masked nicely by the fcuking exhaust! WOW what a noise, vicious! thats what it is, now Im told itll calm down a bit when carbon deposits start to build up, but wow, what a noise!

I havent done any AP22 runs yet, and no piccies or wav files of the exhaust sound, but theyll come guys, dont worry!

So, Just gotta figure out if it needs a slight fueling change, and if so Ill contact nick hill and get something sorted.

If you want an exhaust and an induction kit - get these babies - theyre the DOGS B*LL*CKS!


  Shiny red R32

Roamer, have you got any pics please, so that we can all have a gander?!
  ICE'dberg MK2 172

It sounds like you have a good setup mate. Looks like Im going to have to fit the Viper in the end and bite the bullet if it needs fueling. Putting it on a RR in Northampton on Saturday to get a benchmark with Geoff_clio172, ill then fit the Viper and do it again a couple of weeks later maybe with a zorst too.

Does anybody know whether you can adjust fueling without a chip???

And by the way...WE NEED PICS

dude.......our only got louder!!!!

but the dull hum in the cabin at around 4k goeas after a while....weird.
  Renault Laguna Coupe

My Magnex seems to have got louder at the back (more rorty) after a couple of thousand miles, but the awful boom in the cabin at 4k rpm has gone. In other words, things just get better & better!

hehehe well guys, last night the exhaust set a car alarm off in a car park (Just planted it a bit as I came off one of the ramps ;-)

And one of my neighbours just told me that they got woken up this morning by me leaving early - Ooooops!

Cough cough.... erm..... Ill tell you when I phone them this morning :(

Oh, I reset the ECU last night, and it made it feel at lot perkier, esp. 0-60, it felt a bit flat before though still no ap22 results yet.

well, just rang Renault Insurance, and they stung me for £90 extra, plus my compulsary excess has gone up from £250 to £450!!! bugger :(

But, Im sorted now, and Ive got the docs for my new number plate :)

RA02MER - Close as I could get - not bad I recon.