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Walkie Talkies


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Hi folks.

Summer is coming which means there will be lots of meets going on, and where there are meets, there are convoys!

One of the main problems with convoys is communication. I think we've all been in the situation where we're screaming out the window on the motorway trying to tell someone that we need fuel/a piss/a rest, or been in the second half of a convoy that's been unceremoniously cut in half by a set of traffic lights.

How would CS feel about everyone plumping for a particular brand/model of walkie talkie, to use at local and national meets?

I'd imagine they'd be a right riot at CSF and would allow multi-region convoys to all talk to each other, as well as obviously being invaluable at local meets.

For example, Motorola's TLKR T40 walkie talkies have a 4km range, run on AAAs, and can be had for as little as £11 apiece.

I'm thinking that at first we could organise a group buy of these walkie talkies, and then maybe even stock them in the CS store for new joiners to buy. Area reps could also maybe keep a couple of spares, again in case new joiners need them.

Are any regions currently extensively using walkie talkies, that the rest of us could look at adopting? Otherwise we have a pretty clean sheet to start from.

Ol’ Tarby!

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As a radio communications engineer, you'll not get 4km range car to car. Maybe in a 4km open flat field


Wales - South
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Coming from a bike back ground, they've always been a little bit vital for meets as everyone rode at a different pace. The front runner (as I found out by taking the bike on a cs meet) can end up a fair few miles in front. Handy for keeping people up dated to any issues on route as they could relay it to the middle and back runners.