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what’s the best radio show when drivin’

easy for me..

(Slarty dons fireproof suit and says......)

Wogan !

love the guys sarcasm n humour..

but.. I am an old gimmer...

ps.. wheres me zimmer frame ??


hee hee


  Shiny red R32

Well I enjoy the banter between Johnnie Walker and Sally the traffic woman, who are on at 5pm, which for most is going home time. They have a good laugh and often interview interesting people, which is sometimes a change from music, as most radio stations play the same songs all day, only in a different order.
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I cant listen to the radio while Im driving - especially in the daytime they talk too much. The worst thing is when they do a traffic broadcast so your CD interrupts and you can listen to the latest news. Then they forget to switch the traffic signal off so you have to listen to their inane local radio banter until you change it back to CD manually.

Oh i forgot, my 16v has no stereo or speakers any more. Come to think of it the back seats,carpet,rear trim has gone to...hmmm, whats next i wonder...

nothing else but moylesie!!!

sorry those who are non radio 1 fans, but i piss my pans all the time!!!
especially when that dood who can do immitations real good, called lennox in the US the night before the fight pretending to be....god i forgot his name now!!! tit
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I like Steve Penk, but not when Im in the car. When Im in the car, the best thing ever is listening to the Pete Tong start to the weekend on Firday evnins, when I am just leaving work to go down to Chichester for the night.

Lovely show, lovely drive, and fantastic women/pubs when I get there