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What Ive Beeen upto - Spa, Estoril, Brands

  Megane Trophy
Well its been a busy few weeks working and havent really had a chance to upload pictures!
1st up was Estoril, Thankfully my guys the black Acre Jean CSR managed a 2nd and a 1st. We changed the engine after the 1st race due to head gasket concerns.
Engine out, New engine in, New engine loom in, test round paddock all in 1 hour!! Not bad hey! :D
14 cars we had at estroril!!

Heres the Estoril Pictures:




Then it was off to Spa, Unfortunately my car had a terrible weekend. We chose the wrong tyres for the 1st race as we thought the track would dry out fastest. Which took us from pole postion to finishing 5th. The second race by 2 laps we were back in the lead from 5th, and built up a nice 8 second lead a few laps later. Only for the car to cut out on the straight. This was due to the good old wiring loom chaffing on the engine block which fused the fuel pump. A DNF in race 2, not good! However Evo magazine hired our CSR for the weekend and got two 3rd places, theres a full report in this months EVO magazine on page 138 if you want a read.

Spa Pictures:
Eau Rouge - the worlds best corner and have to drive it/walk it to appreciate how steep it really is






Then back from SPA and we head off to Brands Hatch for the UK superlights at the GT/F3 meeting. We manage to get 2 1sts with Fennymore, and another string of results from the other 4 cars we were running.
Looking at the gap for the line - it was a fight to the line
Brands Pictures:



Next up we have a 6 week tour
Silverstone - UK superlights
Monza - Eurocup and CSR
Pau Arnos - Eurocup and CSR
Brands Hatch - UK Superlights

Going to be very very busy untill end of octber then!
  Megane Trophy
FredYozzasport said:
good to see you at Brands fella

Yeh sorry i didnt come back and say goodbye, we were changing setups pretty frequentyl in between the red flags on the test evening! :D