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Why do renault find it so difficult to get things right firs



My car went in on Tuesday to have the repairs done from my accident. At the same time they are replaceing the leather steering wheel cause it has the top coat has peeled (Anyone else had this???).
I was told my car would be ready yesterday pm. I when to collected it and by chance i decided to check the repairs. The paint around the grill and spotlights was orange peeled in appearence and dull. The headlamp was also missed aligned with the wing. I pointed this out and refused to accept the car. He said they would give it a polish!!!!! Rang them this morning to find out that they are repainting the bumper and they have stripped the front down agian. They are getting paid good money to to do the job as it is costing £600 for the replacement of a bumper and one headlamp!!! I got no apology and am sick of being made to feel that I am akward because I want repairs done to a high standard.


  Shiny red R32

Why not suggest to your dealer that you would like a free service for your inconvenience and initial dissatisfaction.
  Clio v6

I have just collected my car about an hour ago.

They had it all day to fix :

Brake squeal.... No sorry didnt find it Sir.

Driving off the forecourt salesman comments " Your brakes dont half squeal mate"

Window rattles : We did something or other to the window Sir.... But why did they make it rattle more I wonder?

Air bag light on constant :

Re soldered wires under seat for the airbag lights coming on fault. We tend to do this to all electrical conections on Renaults. Oh good ( but why are the wires now wrapped around the CD Stacker and I cant change CDs anymore?

The big note of my cars current mileage produced just 2 miles of road testing today a far cry from the 39 miles they did last time it was in.

I have worked in dealerships Merc, Rover, Renault, quite often the salesmen would ask the service desk not to call Mr XYZ yet as his car is being demod.

Small tip: Take you car in to the dealers absoultley filthy on the day. The sales dept wont use yours to demo as the service dept bill them internally for a valet.

Perhaps dealers using customer cars for demos is the reason some people get their cars back and being pleasantly suprised that their caring Reno dealer has valeted it for them