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Window sticker nightmare and new battery advice please!!!!!

  Clio 1.2
the previous owner had some shocking stickers on the inside of the rear window and rear side windows, have removed them, they were stubborn as hell but got rid and cleaned the inside of the windows with glass cleaner etc BUT, whenever the inside steams up or i come to it on a cold morning, i still see a really clear outline of the sticker! bloody disgusting stickers they were too, flowers in each window. how can i get rid of this embarrassing problem? anyone know or am i stuck with it? also battery is knackered, winter has killed it. has someone got a link for a battery for a 1.2 or tell me the exact one i would need? cheers


ClioSport Club Member
Paint stripper.

Its what i had to use to fully remove the residue left by the tints that were in it. Just be careful you dont let it stay on any painted area's too long, i masked mine up but you dont have to be that anal really.


ClioSport Club Member
  Audi RS3, Clio 172
I used autoglym tar remover, spray on and leave it for 2 minutes go back and should just rub off.
  MK2 Clio phaze 1
Good thread! Iv had the same prob with the "renault elf" sticker. Gna remove it because its lookin a bit sad n replace it with a forum one :D
  Old Skool Ford RS
Hi bud

Sorry my first post but came across your tread while having my first butchers of the site.

To remove the residue from your windows you need to use denatured alchohol, also known as methylated spirit ;)

Dont use white spirit as its derived from Paraffin, a by product of crude oil processing and it will take forever to get rid of the odour.


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