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yay i got my valver

  looking at a clio
hiya everyone in a week or so time i pick my clio up completely stripped out lol and it got a little suprise init to a 172 lump and it has a group N remap a s/s stainght threw exhuast and ported inlet i will get some pic soon with them mods what do u think it would be running
  looking at a clio
yer well i am goin to have a look at it. i am goin to change alot of thing and why is there something wrong with it
  looking at a clio
ok then mate cheers i will have a look

ok well i just readed what it say's and i am abit scared now but what has gone wrong with it thou
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  Mondeo TDCI 130
Aint a clue mate, i read that thread the other day, when you said stripped out 172 valver i just put 2 & 2 together!
  looking at a clio
yer i no mate but i really what a mk1 clio 172 because it is a well good sleeper but if its dangerous i aint going to get it
  looking at a clio
o ok then mate well that what i wanted to do is put a 172 lump into a mk1 one but if its like that i will look for a mint shell and do it myself or get sumone to do it
  '92 172, Lotus Elise
by all means go and see it.. the car has been out of Dans hands for a while now (I know of atleast 2 owners, but it does change hands often).

just beware it might be a bit of a bodge

(and yes, Dan has ripped me off too)
  looking at a clio
well the person who it is now is some person called matt or that what he has put on the for the mob num but it has been completly stripped out thou no door cards or nothing and he wants near to 1400 pound and if its been bodged then i dont want it i would prefer payin someone to do it
  looking at a clio
right i might be goin to look at a standard valver is there anything i should watch out for with them like engine,bodywork or anything could you help me please thank everyone