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Recent content by tonksy26

  1. tonksy26

    New Toyota C-HR

    What people opinions on this as a competition for the juke/qashqai ? Certainly has bold looks, prices starting from £20,995.
  2. tonksy26

    iPhone 7

    Anybody understand how the 'iPhone upgrade programme' will work looking at there website ? From what I see it's just 0% finance with the option to start your program again every 12 months. Therefore if you buy the latest new phone every year then it would work out cheaper as you only pay...
  3. tonksy26

    What are plusnet like

    Currently with BT infinity 1 but looking to swap to someone doing a introductory offer. Chest BT have offered me is £22 + line rental but Plusnet have an offer £5 for 6 months then £14.99 thereafter + line rental. Also quidco are offering £70 cash back with Plus net I don't know anybody who's...
  4. tonksy26

    Air con re-gas?

    'coolcar' are based in rochdale but will come out and regas it for you. Check for leaks and things aswell. £50 I think they charge.
  5. tonksy26

    The Crew - Xbox ONE and PS4

    Do you HAVE TO have an Internet connection to even play the single player mode ? Wouldn't mind getting this game but we don't have the Internet ( we both have unlimited data on our phones) at our house.
  6. tonksy26

    IOS 8

    Is there anyway round using up your home broadband to update as the update requires wifi but we only have 20gb a month so if me, the gf and the iPad all update, that's almost all our data usage gone ? We don't have a pc or laptop either.
  7. tonksy26

    iPhone 6 thread.

    Mine arrived 9 o clock this morning. Can't believe the size of it and it's only a 6. It's huge imo. Even from 'upgrading' from a iPhone 5 with ios8. I'm struggling to see much different/new stuff that effects day to day usage.
  8. tonksy26

    IOS 8

    Just a heads up incase people didn't know. By far the best and most useful update in ios8 is the fact you can see by % what app uses the most battery In the last 24 hours. Might help a lot out on saving the rubbish battery life. setting - general - usage - battery usage
  9. tonksy26

    iPhone 6 thread.

    I had that. Received an email about 11 o clock today to say it will be delivered next Tuesday (23rd) and then literally 2 minutes ago received another saying ' Your dispatch notification email displays an estimated delivery date for next week. We are pleased to inform you that the scheduled...
  10. tonksy26

    IOS 8

    Sending a picture through iMessage is a lot better/quicker :cool:
  11. tonksy26

    Buying a reg that's not for sale

    Is there a way to enquire about buying a reg that's already in use ? I have no information on where the car is, the only thing I can do obviously is use the my car check and see what car it is on.
  12. tonksy26

    iPhone 6 thread.

    Is the norm delivery date 29th sept - 2nd October ? As that's what my email says. Ordered a 64gb 6 at 9 this morning.
  13. tonksy26

    iPhone 6 thread.

    Did I hear that your going to be ale to watch it live from the iPad ?
  14. tonksy26

    Ibeats inear earphones

    I know people don't really rate the beats selection but i need new in ear headphones for work and had one of these deal websites email with ibeats inear headphones for £48 delievered. Got me looking on eBay and 'genuine' could be bought on there for £35 posted. sounded cheap to what they used to...
  15. tonksy26

    Hit by uninsured driver help

    Cheers guys. The driver has received 6 points and a fine so been convicted of driving without insurance. The address of the policy holder of the insurance on the car was to a royal Toby carvery up in Aberdeen so gave them a ring and apparently the policy holder hasn't worked there for over 3...