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  1. D

    1.4 16V engine rattle

    howsit gents, right, innitially thought that this was my altinator however after removing the aux belt the noise persists which leads me to believe its one of the cambelt pullies... or is it something more sinister :confused: did the belts 2 years and 40000 km ago, does enyone know what the...
  2. A

    Andys Clio 16v Turbo Track car

    ive only went and got her back!!! After chips small accident him and Lesley just dont have time to sort it out. so while drunk at fcs we did a deal. some big plans over winter once the work shop eases off a little.... but were back in where it all started. one of the first megane 225 powered...
  3. T

    1.2 16v spark plug socket Is the right socket for my clio. It's 1.2 16v 51 plate.
  4. stb182

    19 16v

    my 1st reno. stuck to the road like s..t to a blanket
  5. Mavez

    Clio 1.2 16v powerflex dogbone bushings

    Hey, Been searching the thread and couldn't find a definitive answer. Anyone know if the Powerflex dogbone bushing kit PFF60-211K would fit this dogbone mount...
  6. F

    Air intake on 1.2 16v

    I have a 1.2 16v and am looking at my options for a better intake system. I know there will be people who say "Don't bother with a 1.2" and if you do say that, please back it up with a reason rather than 1.2's are s**t. I had ordered a panel filter from KTEC as I saw that as my easiest option...
  7. F

    MK1 Clio 1.8 16v Track/Daily N154 DAR

    Hi my names Luke and ive had my 16 valver for a year now and progress has been slow but all good things come to those who wait right? maybe! anyway here a few pics to get you started of my project. The shell was in alot worse condition than under first inspection and had a heap of welding done...
  8. I

    Clio 1.4 16v engine wiring diagram

    Hi. I am new to Would anyone have a engine wiring diagram for a 2003 Clio 1.4 16v please. It won't start. I have a spark and fuel to the fuel rail but no injection. Thanks Imn
  9. I

    2003 Clio 1.4 16v engine wiring diagram required

    Hi. I am new to Would anyone have a engine wiring diagram for a 2003 Clio 1.4 16v please. It won't start. I have a spark and fuel to the fuel rail but no injection. Thanks Imn
  10. Fred the Clio

    Fred the 1.2 16v mk2 Expression

    Hello ClioSport, I've browsed the forum for months on end before making my first post and my situation is much the same as many of the other 1.2 owners on the site. I'm a skint student with limited funds trying to make my beloved first car a bit more "hard nut" and a little less "Sunday...
  11. m&l172ph1

    mk1 16v wheels

    Hi guys, I know someone who's breaking a car which has mk1 clio 16v wheels on it, they're the 5 spoke type with the large grey centre cap. At the moment 1 cap is missing. Are they desirable? Thanks
  12. R

    can't input immobiliser code? clio 1.2 16v

    Hi all, Got a problem with trying to input my immobiliser code. Every time I hold down the central locking with the ignition on, it just beeps either once or twice depending on whether it's locked or not. There is no flash on the immobiliser to count the number. Reason I'm doing this is...
  13. D

    Idle issue with 1.4 16v mk2

    Hi all I brought my Clio 1.4 16v mk2 about 5 mouths ago, all was going swimmingly until one day I started her up and she wont idle anything above 400rpm so off to the garage she went they have plugged her in and nothing has been found to be wrong and my local garage cant put there finger on what...
  14. motman

    1.6 16v power upgrade

    Hi all I'm not sure if this is in the right section but here goes i have a 53 plt 1.6 16v k4m clio and wanted a bit more out of it i was thinking some home brew induction kit with cold feed de-cat exhaust and just remove the baffles / remove parts of the baffles in the back box for a more free...
  15. Stu.

    My 1.8 16v mk1 valver.

    Hey guys hope i can fire this up here, selling my valver, open to offers as i could do with it gone for the room. Heres a link to bumtree. Cheers Stu
  16. B

    1.8 16V engine in a Clio 1.4 ph3 (how hard of a job is it?)

    Hello guys. I found a Renault 19 1.8 16v engine,gearbox and driveshafts, and I was thinking putting it into my Clio mk1 ph3 would be good. I was wondering, how hard of a job is it? I have changed engines before, but just because the engines wore out and I put the same engine model in. I don't...
  17. rttam

    2.0 16v sticker for door bullet?

    where do people buy these from? cheers
  18. K

    2004 Clio 1.2 16v won't start

    Hi there new to this forum looking for a bit of help about my clio. Last night i went out to go home after work went to start my car but nothing not even cranking at all lights come on but nobody's home lol. So got into work this morning went to start it and it worked switched it off to try it...
  19. A

    Newbieee 1.2 16V Billabong

    Just a quick post to say hello boys, looking forward to doing some big things with this little 1.2, and will keep you all updated. Will be looking to get membership soon as I get more into this clio! Short intro - Started driving, 5 weeks in 8v Clio cambelt snaps, write car off, buy a new clio...
  20. T

    1.2 16v D4F possible head gasket?

    I've got a lot of gunk build up in the coolant expansion tank, grey colour,looks like a mix of Mayo and oil is this a bad sign? Also I've noticed some oil on my air filter, and as you look through the gap there's a small puddle of it sitting there? Any ideas guys? Will post pics if needed. Cheers
  21. K

    Clio 1.2 16v Extreme

    Hey there, New to the forum and recently bought my first car a 1.2 Clio.. ( Hope the Images work ) Here she was bog standard nothing done.. I decided to spray the badges to spice her up a bit :) and then added a Sub and Stereo for a little more umph! Just wondering what other...
  22. T

    Where can i find the 02 sensor on mk2 clio 16v???

    looking for the 02 sensor. its hard to look under the car. was wondering if its before the cat?
  23. MWright

    Replacing clutch on 1.2 16v

    Wondering if it's possible to DIY - drop subframe method. I've done my cambelt etc and change a rear beam. Don't want to challenge myself too much and risk messing it up. Got Haynes and a decent amount of tools just no engine hoist. Also by dropping the subframe is it possible to remove the...
  24. C

    Clio 1.2 16v D4F rough idle problem...

    Hey guys, first post :) I've searched Google and forums for the past week trying to figure this out, but basically the car starts fine, idles fine for a few minutes but after a short drive it judders on idle, as if it's shaking on its mountings like a misfire but the Rev counter is still...
  25. james e

    Clio 1.2 16v PH2 MK2 Revving problem!!

    Any help?? So basically my cars battery has been dying due to the 'Black Box' so I've changed insurance and removed the box. But whilst I had the box in i had to keep jump starting my car (This my be the problem). Anyway no i have an issue with the way the car runs... It will start normally and...
  26. B

    My first clio 1.2 16V

    My 2004 Clio (First Car) got polished & waxed. Also put the sport grill on it, changed the standard dynamique seats to the Renault sport seats :) I need to lower this car! how long should i go.. ?? Have the rear seats changed now too :) New Bulbs and Fog bulbs in the car :)
  27. goran

    Steering rack 172 vs 1.8 16v

    Hey Are there any differences between 172/182 steering rack and the one from 1.8 16v valver Except the tie rods I cant find the 172 rack so i'm thinking of putting on 1.8 16v rack with my tie rods because i can get one... They booth are 2.75 lock to lock And they look pretty similar Anyone...
  28. Nuttynat416

    1.2 Clio 16v Wont start, Electrics have gone mad!

    Hi guys I've had my Clio a couple of weeks now and it's been great! Has always started, drives nice etc. However I went to start it this evening, turned the key and nothing. The engine wasn't cranking, All of the dashboard electrics wouldn't work e.g. hazard lights, indicators,lock button...
  29. A

    clio 1.2 16v 2001 intermittant elecs to dash and relay rattle

    Hi all 2001 1.2 16v clio I have a wierd problem with my clio... When i turn the ignition key all I get is a lot of clicking from the front of the car.. On investigating the clicking sounds like a relay in the small fuse box that is in the engine compartment.... although I couldntsee any...
  30. Webboo

    Mk2 Ph3 1.2 16v, slow car and a slow thread

    Right as the title suggests this is gonna be a bit of a slow thread but hopefully in the end it will turn interesting. It will be my second car, had a ph1 but long story short it's probably now sitting on a shelf in Tesco somewhere shaped like a tin of beans, after going to view it yesterday I...