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  1. H

    clio 1.8 16v turbine center caps wanted

    has anyone got any of the above for sale ? cheers kev call or txt 07513579166
  2. T

    ph1 rear axle vs 1.6 16v petrol

    Hello! I need some help!Recently bought a rear axle with discs to replace mine (drum).The seller claims that the axle is from an 172 ph1. I measure the ARB from the "new" one and it is 20mm. Does anybody know the sizes of the bars?? Thanks!!
  3. N

    Nick's Black 1.2 16v

    So i bought her early last year as a little runner for work. I have now got tired at looking at her standard so im slowly after my own little tweek to be applied. Heres how she sits so far! Please be kind haha So far i have; LED front and rear led indicators LED reverse light LED...
  4. Carnex

    Campus 16V

    Hello ClioSport! Here is my current Clio project (Campus 1.2L 16V) Modifications so far: - 16" Fox Racing FX004 Alloys - K-tec supersports recessed exhaust system - 15MM spacers front and back - Eibach Pro-kit springs (currently on standard shocks) - RS Grill fitted - 172 spoiler (campus...
  5. Hodgins

    1.4 16v tapping ticking noise *video*

    Looking for a bit of help, i know its hard to diagnose over the internet but just after some pointers Theres no noise at all when the car is cold, went for a drive and the ticking/tapping appears, theres no dephaser on these (i dont think lol) so im ruling that out It appears to be coming more...
  6. sabian92

    Swapping 1.2 16v for a 172? Running costs difference?

    Happy Christmas! I bought my 1.2 at the start of November - didn't even entertain looking at the nippy clios as I just assumed they'd be mental on insurance. 22, no NCD, not brilliant postcode.... that sort of a thing. I pay 1050 quid a year in insurance (to be fair it's a multicar policy with...
  7. Mavez

    Clio 1.2 16v, hesitation on acceleration.

    Hey, I've got this issue with my Clio where some times if the car has been left for a day or two the first few minutes of driving the car will hesitate and lose speed with no acceleration. Basically you will feel the car losing power and when you press the accelerator nothing will happen, until...
  8. F

    Flash's Clio Dynamique 1.2 16v

    Brought myself a 05 dynamique with onlyy 39,000 on the clock! Here's a few pictures of her when brought, will post updates when i get chance to give her a good clean. Modifications so far: - RS Sport grill - Carbon Front badge (Carbon wrapped) - Colour coded side strips - FLI Speaker upgrade...
  9. J

    51 reg 1.2 16v starting issues (immobiliser)

    Hi guys The clio in question has been sitting for a while and the battery went flat so we've replaced the battery. The central locking works fine but the engine will only crank for around 5 seconds and then stops. The immobiliser light on the dash is still flashing after the engine stops...
  10. sabian92

    Project Clive - 1.2 16v Dynamique tidying up

    Right, suppose I better post up my plans :smile: Bought this 6 weeks ago for £1800 - 1 lady owner, 39k miles, 12 months tax and MOT but needs a good tidy up. Other half christened him Clive the Clio hence the title name! My ideas are as follows: Have the entire car polished and remove the...
  11. Carnex

    Pearl Black 1.2 16V

    Hello ClioSport! My name is Sam, I'm 20 years old and passed my test about this time last year. Heres my daily runner. I was never that much into cars as a kid but always loved the shape of the Clio PH2. When I passed my test I went in search of the newest reg of the older model I could...
  12. Ian_s

    1.2 16v not starting

    The 1.2 run around has died. Parked up nothing unusual then the next day refuses to start. Has spark and fuel to the rail. Fires on easy start which points to injectors. Tried a spare ecu (cheers Mick) with no change so I changed the top engine loom but it's still not going. Unsure where to...
  13. Christopher.

    Clio16Valver's Rolling Road Day at SRR

    I hadn't planned on going to the day but with Fletcher and Tim wanting to go i tagged along, glad i did. Had been to the past 2 events held by the Valver guys before and really enjoyed the different mix of cars. Also with it being a Saturday at SRR almost anything just turns up and Charlie...
  14. D

    Clio mk2 1.2 16v misfire

    Yet another problem.. Car was serviced not long ago, just after I purchased it. Had a misfire then but that was due to the plugs being knackered, purchased coil pack but wasn't needed. Also the car had been neglected in terms of regular servicing so had a load of sludge at the neck of the oil...
  15. wrightyy

    Black Pearl 1.4 16v Daily

    Right this is my 4th clio to date and although it's not a sport like my Arctic 182 and I wish it was I just couldn't bring myself to pay the insurance every month so I bought this to use for a year so sport insurance will come down , clean 1.4 that's done 67,000 miles Paid £1000 off it and not...
  16. UK_Ricky_UK

    1.2 16v extreme pas resevoiur?

    Can't find it? Is it electric? Cheers
  17. Wee_Billy_92

    1.2 16v sounding a bit chappy

    My cars had a full service at start of the year, timing done and clutch. Regularly topped up with oil when needed. But the car is sounding a bit chappy! No idea what it could be though but its basically as loud as a dci on tick over. My mileage just now is 99311 basically 100k Any ideas what...
  18. O

    Megane coupe 2.0 16v coilover help needed

    Hi I need a bit of help. I have a megane which I want to buy front coilovers for and I have the stupid different 60mm offset bolt holes. does anyone know if the clio 172 coilovers can be fitted as the look the same shape?? Thanks in advance
  19. K

    Rclio 2.0 16v 172 - problem!?

    Hello I have a Renault Clio 2.0 16v 172, and i have a problem....when i drive it for example 10-15 minutes and when i let ma engine in neutral after 5-10 second it shuts down...and i dont have trouble run the engine again...but the problem keep's on and on...if somebody can tell me what can be...
  20. MWright

    2004 1.2 16V (ph2 engine) AC Belt Tensioning

    I fitted this alongside changing all other belts + tensioners. Thing is the tensioner adjustment is hard to do with 2 hands and not much room. The tensioner is on a slider as such and to tighten it there is a 6mm Allen key with about 2cm clearance I use a pair of mole grips to tighten the...
  21. D

    Clio Campus 1.2 16v 08 radio stalk leads

    Hi there, I own a Clio Campus Sport 1.2 16v and I have replaced the radio but I want to be able to use the wheel controls for it and I'm not quite sure where and what I need to connect this to my Sony MEX-4000BT, any advice on this would be much appreciated also my centre console clock now only...
  22. Valerie Chaplin

    Clio 1.8 16v 1991 I need help please

    Help please I have just been given this superb car, which has been stored for 7 years. I am missing one part which is an external fuel pump..Renault part number 7700809071 (Pump Palivn) I cannot find it anywhere, my mechanic says it feeds from pipe from fuel tank to another tank... What can I...
  23. BuCkLeY...

    1.2 16v spark plug problem

    Hi :smile: Was going to change the plugs on my 1.2 an found there is a plastic cap from the Ht leads on them. Anyone got a idea how to remove them I tried coat hanger which had a hook on the end. But didn't work 😧 It's the engine with long and narrow plugs which need a special socket :)
  24. M

    2001 16v 1.2 Clio Non Starter

    I have a Renault Clio Dynamique 1.2 16v 2001 plate. I Have owned it 10 months and have had nothing but problems from day 1.I have had a new clutch, coil pack, new sparks, crank shaft sensor, map sensor, lambda sensor, as well as general wear and tear such as springs, tyres and ball joints.Last...
  25. adds

    Clio 1.2 16v knocking when changing gear and at high revs

    Hey, new to the forum so go easy please. I have a clio 1.2 16v mk2 for about 3 years and its been golden up to this week... It has developed a very concerning knocking which seems to occur as you release the clutch after changing gear (more at low speeds) and at high revs in higher gears (say...
  26. C

    1.2 16v P0606 erro

    Hi all, A colleague has a 1.2 16v Clio on a 52 plate. The revs are hunting and it's generally running badly. I've just read the fault codes and get P0606 & P0440. I'm aware of the ECU wiring issues, and that's the first place i've looked. It looks like someone has looked at it before as the...
  27. M

    Spun the engine the wrong way, tensioner issues? 1.2 16V

    Hey guys, Earlier I replaced the alternator belt on my car as it was getting old and wasn't renewed by the garage when I had the cambelt done around 7000 miles ago. Anyway, rather stupidly I turned the engine anti-clockwise by hand about half a rotation I guess (the manufactures name on the...
  28. Woznaldo

    Mk1 Megane 2.0 16v Steering Rack, is this the same as the Williams Steering Rack?

    As per the title, does anyone know if they're the same or at least have the same mountings? No Williams sold in Aus, so Mk1 Megane might be an option for a Steering Rack for my Widetrack conversion.
  29. D

    2004 RenaultSport Clio 182 Cup 2.0 16v - 101k - £2,250 ONO - cambelt + dephaser done