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  1. simondavies89

    Battery relocation help

    Hi, i have a clio 182 and need to relocate the battery to the boot for more space in the front for a bigger turbo induction setup. Ive been to the scrap yard today and got a good length of cable from a BMW. Where my cable connects currently in the clio there is a fuse of some kind and both...
  2. S

    Help! Battery Discharging

    Hi all, I have recently bought a 182 cup and after a couple of weeks it has developed a fault where the battery discharges. I have replaced the battery which made no differance. I have taken out every fuse one by one in an attempt to find the faulty circit, this helped because it used to...
  3. shane holmes

    stop light and battery help

    i was driving when my stop light and battery light came on. I keeped going and got home but every thing went mad on the dash lights coming on and going speedo and all other gauges going up and down and not working. The engine was not making any abnormall noise any ideas.
  4. .Joe

    Running an odyssey battery daily

    Hi there, would it be safe to use an odyssey battery on my daily? Or would the continued drain affect it? Many thanks Joe
  5. M

    Battery Options

    Hi all Battery has just passed away, RIP lol. I was just wondering if I need to stick to a 063? I can get a Bosch S4 008 for pretty much free. Cheers
  6. D

    Battery dead AND emergency key won't turn

    I've had my car standing for a long while away from home so as expected, it's totally dead. It's a 2006 Dynamique on a keycard and that doesn't work either, assumedly as no signal from the car. I tried the emergency key in the passenger door and for some reason it won't turn either way??? Does...
  7. Martin.

    Go Pro Spare Battery

    What do you use? Any good? They run down far too quick.
  8. Diagro

    Battery Clamp.. Is this right?

    Hey Failed MOT on various things but it boils down to the battery being insecure. So i had Adam sell me a Clamp. Have i fitted it correctly??? Thanks!
  9. Martin.

    Battery/Cable/Starter amp level?

    Morning all. I've been reading into and looking at different battery cables. I've been told that for the length I want (to relocate my battery behind the passenger seat) I need 10.1mm cable (25mm sq core) which is capable of 170 amps. At the minute I've got an 8mm cable which I'm assuming has...
  10. @Josh

    Battery this needed.

    Hi hope someone can help, in the process of moving my battery on my track car. Just come to sort out the battery terminal and notice this (see picture below) I am wondering if this is needed or can I get rid of it? As far as I am aware it if linked to my starter motor cable? Any help much...
  11. M

    How to unlock when lock seized and no battery??

    I thought it would be a good idea to disconnect the car battery before going on holiday for 2 weeks. I came back today and the door lock is probably seized. It won't turn at all. I am going to spray WD40 tonight but I am not very optimistic... So with the battery disconnected I am stuck. Any...
  12. A

    Battery Humped On Your iPhone 5 - See Here Worth a try if your battery isn't performing as well as it used to.
  13. Sideways182

    Lightweight battery - terminal info

    I am thinking of ordering this battery: Does anybody know if I would need to replace the wiring terminals? If so...
  14. M

    [clio mk2] Battery drain problem

    Hello to you all. I have chance to buy really well maintained clio 1.6 petrol auto with only 66k miles. There's one problem- battery goes flat overnight or maybe over little longer. With engine off, I found ~500mAh drain on + wire going to fuse box in engine bay, nothing on other one + going in...
  15. K

    Relocating ECU / Fusebox / Battery

    Basically Ive took the engine and gearbox out and I am tidying up the bay and doing a overhaul, I want to relocate the ECU and Fusebox, I have seen some people have done this and move it into the Bulkhead but after looking and looking I cant see how exactly it is done. Can the Loom to the ECU...
  16. Will The Oak Maxted

    Battery Cover and Rail Guard

    Hi Guys Anyone know where I can get a Battery Cover and New Rail Guard looking for a black one but cant seem to find them anywhere. I've had a look on ebay but nothing. All for a 182 Clio Cheers
  17. Clio172NE

    Battery Covers

    Where or how do i go about getting one? The ones ive seen i think people have made but then i found a few threads (dated years ago!) saying that they are available to buy. Im on a slow progress of tidying up my Clio with having a few compliments about been a nice example, plus ive always wanted...
  18. M

    Battery tray

    In the middle of removing the gearbox to send it off for a refurb. I've noticed that there is a chunk snapped off the battery tray. Can these be bought new? Or does anyone have one for sale? Also, there is a bolt on this tray that goes into the suspension turret. This bolt snapped whilst trying...
  19. Joe Hryszko

    182 Battery Cover?

    Hi guys, Looking at getting a stainless battery cover for my 182 as I think it will tidy the engine bay up a hell of a lot! However, when looking I can't seem to find anywhere to get them from, can anyone help me out and point me in the right direction? Thanks, Joe
  20. S

    starting problems, not battery or tdc sensor?

    Had new battery and tdc sensor in past few months. Last week or so car been turning over and sounds like it's close to starting but won't quite catch. If I keep key turned long enough it will start or if I keep trying to start it it'll eventually work, just a bit embarrassing when someone's...
  21. B

    Wiring Battery kill switch and start button.

    I was just wondering if anyone could briefly explain how to do this. I also have a starter button with separate switches for fuel pump and ignition. I guess this is just off the barrel? are there any wiring diagrams for this part of the car. Cheers
  22. M

    How do I lock the doors easily without a battery?

    Probably the stupidest question you've ever heard. The central locking on my 52 plate Clio is controlled by a button above the radio, there is also the remote fob and a key hole on the passenger door. There are however no knobs, dials, latches etc to lock the doors (well drivers door at least)...
  23. J

    Battery Drain Issue Clio 182

    Hello all, My name is Jon and I’m looking for some advice please :) I have recently developed a battery drain issue on my Clio 182. The car isn't in daily use at the moment as I use a van for work and sometimes it isn't used from one weekend to the next. The problem started about 3 weeks...
  24. Faxo

    Battery Dimentions

    For a ph2 172 please Basically mines too long so I can't fit the standard CAF in, so what is the correct size? Thanks
  25. D

    Battery Cover

    Where can I buy one?
  26. G

    Battery light flickering

    Have a stripped out track 172, when reved hard or driven hard the battery light flickers. dont think there is an alternator fault as have no charging problems any ideas?
  27. -Dan-

    Battery cut off will this be okay

    Hi guys having a clear out and I have found a battery isolator switch but not sure if it will be of any use for my phase 2 172 cup as I'm not sure if this is designed for 24v cranes, same principle at the end of the day, just doesn't have the spades at the bottom for the alternator surge etc...
  28. Sam

    Need Battery Clio Urgently

    Hey NE'ers. Trying to get the Clio back on the road but it failed its mot on a battery clip or something ? Apparently the battery is not secured properly. Meh! Does anyone in the NE, preferably around Middlesbrough, Hartlepool, Redcar have a clip / bracket / bolt from any shape clio that i can...
  29. Sideways182

    Lightweight battery mounting

    I've got one of these on order: But just wanted to know has anyone mounted a race type battery successfully using the...
  30. S

    Battery relocation cable

    Has anyone had cables pre made for relocating the battery? I'm going to relocate the battery behind the passenger seat, so will need a live and earth cable made up as I don't have the tools to crimp the ends etc myself.