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  1. J

    New Megane to be launched @ Frankfurt Motorshow.

    Renault UK just tweeted this image of the New Megane which is being launched tomorrow at the Frankfurt Motorshow. Made me wonder about the logic of the 4 door only Clio... So the Clio only comes with 4 doors as the market denotes that the biggest demand is for hatchbacks with 4 doors...
  2. The Boosh!

    Facelift Megane

    Unveiled at Frankfurt this September.
  3. J333EVO

    Trophy replaced by Megane RS DCi175, Civic EP3 replaced by MK5 R32

    Within the last 4 months I've sold my much missed Trophy and my partners EP3 Civic Type-R Premier to be replaced by a RenaultSport Megane DCi175 with Cup & Lux packs making it rare as only about 390 were sold in the UK & not many had both. And the Civic with a late model 5 door manual VW Golf...
  4. Meek_racing

    megane sport - M42 just past shirley junction @ 5pm

    Rather fine looking lady driving too :)
  5. M

    The Egyptian Black Devil - Ayman's Megane 225 ... Progress Thread

    ​Hi Mates, I don't know from where I could Start.. Tuners in Egypt called me the Megane's Crazy as I have spend more than 10.000 Euro for modifications. But as If this is the only Megane 225 in Egypt , I am quite satisfied... Here are the most I remember ... 1- BBS Ch-R forged wheels...
  6. M

    Owner of Megane 225 Ph2 from Egypt

    Hi Every body, Glad to jion this uniqe club. My name is Ayman , I am from Egypt Cheers Ayman [/URL][/IMG]
  7. A

    Black Megane MK2 Sport M60 near barton bridge

    I drove past it on the fast lane. It then pulled out with xenons on and chased me kinda. Then we both left at at the same exit and split up at a roundabout. His car sounded like sex haha. Btw it had a Nurburgring sticker at the back. ;)
  8. M4D M4X

    Megane coupe wide arch kit?

    Hi all It's my brothers car and as he's been watching chop shop lately he wanted to do something wide arch related for it. The car it self is a 1.6 16v and due to him having a bad history with his licence he can't afford the insurance for something with a big engine (has had 1.0/1.2/1.4 until...
  9. A

    Megane1 cup car

    I know it's not a Clio but has anyone modded a front sub frame to take the ally Fixing kit to the sub frame?
  10. R

    My Megane 225 - spares or repair
  11. nickg123

    My Renault History.... 16v, Dimma, GT Turbo & Megane 225

    Thought I'd just post these up as I still remember the days of owning each of them and miss them all fondly in their own way :o I keep thinking about scratching that itch for a Williams as it's one car I desperately wanted to own and they seem to be getting more and more expensive! 1st was...
  12. W

    Megane Release bearings

    Hi guys Been doing a bit of searching and noticed that some people are using megane release bearings when changing clutches Is there any benefit for a megane compared to the standard Clio? I only ask as I'm sourcing the next part of my build and have bought a clutch but will be putting a need...
  13. anthonymayow

    Clio 200 Megane 225 Conversion

    Just a question, how easy it this done? and is there any company's offering this service? Also what price tag are they putting on it? Was thinking stand alone ecu and Megane engine. thanks tony
  14. Dr HMS Derv Destroyer

    Radio code for Megane

    Hi all I can't figure out what numbers to use for bonxys radio code generator Help appreciated thanks
  15. H

    MeganeSport Graffiti Wall Meet

    Hey guys, There's a meet on August 11th at the Graffiti Wall in Dudley near the Woodman Pub. It was organised by MeganeSport and some guys from Clio197/ are probably gonna jump on the bandwagon too. Here are the full details - let me know if you're interested. :) The time is 11am on...
  16. F

    Any reason for Clio III RS over Megane III RS?

    Hello Hoping for some objective and impartial answers to his dilemna of mine. I am eschewing all the Fords and Hondas and Peugeots specifically for this pair of Peugeots. non-Cup (too hardcore) Buyer profile: minimal usage // maybe 5 days a month no commuting or tracking // just leisure day...
  17. M

    Megane 225 interior

    Hi guys prob in the wrong section so apologies if it is, mibe a silly q aswell but... Would the leather Megane sport 225 interior fit the clio sport?