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1.2 16v - not bad at all



look i know the 172 is the king of the hot hatch

but the 1.2 16v is the king of the entry level hatch!!

This week i have raced

Corsa 1.2 - won (by a country mile)

Saxo 1.1 and 1.4- won the 1.4 had 17s and some stupid exhaust

peugeot 106 quicksilver - won just

punto 1.2 won!!!

so its not all bad just dont try it with vts, vtrs, gtis ot 172s!!

Good work.

I keep saying this: the new 1.2s are so much better than the Mk1 1.2s (I had one from 1995 to 2001!). Look very tasty in Dynamique trim - especially in black.

And theres a funny story about them being called a "16v" by some people as well...

I was sat at some lights a few months ago, when a 1.2 16v Dynamique pulled up beside me and the guy beckons me to wind my window down. His car was in black (like my Valver) and I had just stuck my original Phase2 wheels on my car - so probably looked a bit less lary than on the other wheels.

Says he, spying my leather: "Thats one of them older 16vs isnt it? This is the new 16v, but I couldnt get leather on it when I bought it". Say I: "Yeah, this is a 16v alright - want to see how they compare?"

So he agrees and we both go for it off the mark. No messing about I thought, so I made sure I got a perfect start and ragged it right up to the start of 3rd gear.

At the next traffic lights: "Fugg me mate! I didnt know the old 1.2s could be so fast" (WTF!!!:mad:@:^^&&*).

So I politely pointed out the bonnet bulge, flared arches, fat bumpers and general RenaultSport pedigree and most importanly - that it was NOT a 1.2!!!
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

When I first got my valver I told a few of my mates i was getting a clio 16v and they said oh right same as Mels who owns a mk2 1.2.

Often have to explain that it is actually called a Clio 16v not just that it is 16v engine (if u know what i mean?)

I had an R reg Corsa 1.2 for a few months. Timed 0-60 on a stopwatch at 17.8 seconds! You should MURDER them in a 1.2 16v!

The owners manual said it had a whopping 33bhp...


  Audi TT Stronic

well as a 172 owner who is about to get a 1.2 dynamique for 3 days (on april 7th as courtesy car) I will post here and give me honest opinion about it.

Should be a laugh..

Quote: Originally posted by _KDF on 21 March 2003

well as a 172 owner who is about to get a 1.2 dynamique for 3 days (on april 7th as courtesy car) I will post here and give me honest opinion about it.

Should be a laugh..

An honour my friend!

My flatmate had a 1.2 16v had a courtesy car - the thing that struck us as Valver owners (he has a CTR as well) is how quick the engine fired up and how well built it was! It was quite nippy in 1st and 2nd, but thereafter things got less exciting. Still, its got to be the best 1.2 on the market and Ive got a keen eye on the Dynamique in 1.5 dCi flavour...

We actually sat in the car just firing it up time and time again - theres a real novelty of having a car spring straight into life as opposed to making wwowoaooarwaoaoaor sounds for about five seconds!!


  Audi TT Stronic

Ohh good, im not feeling so bad about driving around in a substandard powerless, dull looking car now *

*this post was entirely made up to antagonise and upset 1.2 owners, all hate mail/death threats greatley accepted.
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yeah but to go up from a 1.2 16v, its £1000 a second to sixty!so i saved myself £7000ish from a 172 time, just to get to sixty £7000 cheaper/7seconds not as

Well, you could buy a clapped out GT Turbo or 16v - both of which will get you to 60 in just over 7 secs - for about a grand. Thats £150 per second to sixty!!
  H22A7 Accord Type R

...........but they are old and costly n out of warranty n not GROUP 3 insurance to insure cheap n get no claims n get a proper clio................u c the logic lol