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5 Door 172!!!

whats goin on peeps?!?!

my mate who runs a very quick uno turbo is now lookin to buy a 172 after i took him for a spin in mine on saturday. Hes lookin on the net for discounted ones, and has seen imports from a legit site, apparantly used alot, which is claimin 5dr 172s?!!? is this right? surely not?

any views?!?!

Never say never. If a maufacturer is able to sell a 4 door version in a particular country that prefers a 4 door version Im sure they would make it.

Someone correct me if Im wrong but Im sure they made a 4 door RS2000(MK2 Escort) specifically for the Australian market. There were too many of them to be fakes. Looks very strange.

there were a couple 4 door mexicos too........only a few though.

but if there were a 5 door 172 then we would have it as people dont really like 3 drs here.

Lets hope they do make a 5 door 172. (And Im not just saying that cus I have 5 doors, um, ok, Maybe I am).

But hey, look at Imprezas, Evos... mmmmm. :D



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I am just waiting for my membership to come through..

*goes and sits at front door next to letter box*

i dont drive my clio at the mo, and the 172 is in kinda far for meets and stuff.

anyway, the RT will be fixed soo, and i will join when it point otherwise as i havent been able to go to any events etc....and i dont do criuses etc........
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Eightball - The 172 Exclusive was a 3 door too. It came with leather, in a limited Green (Scarab Green if I remember correctly) and had BBS alloys instead of the OZ ones. Was limited to 172 and each one had a plate confirming its number.