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any 0-60. 0-100 performance meters out there ?

  MKIII 138
hi i know there was an advert for some a while back on cliosport main page and i remember these ludicrously expensive but full specd ones

is there any other makes ? perhaps a UK one. there is only 1 Gtech on ebay and its a 1994 model looks like gold dust over here

ideas peeps, before people say there not accurate there are for me 0.06 is close enough
I quite fancy one as well as they would be good to see the difference in performance before and after mods. So are you wanting one so you can see the difference in times between the 225 and the chipped 225?

Heres the website they are $200 which is about £105 at the moment
  172 ph1
I've got a race technology AP-22.
Got it from them secondhand for £65 I think. New is quite dear, but they offer upgrades so second hand stuff comes up now and again from them.

I don't know how accurate it is as I have nothing to compare it to.

It is very repeatable though - if I do the same test 5 times in a row it gives 5 very similar results.