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anyone insure 182 with elephant

Hi there I insure my present car with elephant and went online to get a quote for a 182 but the list does not appear to have them, only 172!!!???

Anyone insured the 182 witht them how did you go about it?

Cheers for any comments!

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hiya mate sorry to change the subject on ya but elephant have given me an awsome quote for the valver, but are they any good?? cheers mate

Never had to deal with them too much just changing of cars etc which has been fine no probs, I have nearly always used them, caus the price is great!
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when u put the registration in it comes up as 182. but i think i did quotes for 172s before i got my insurance.

Gonna be trying the club insurance for a quote this time see how competitive it is.

Is there anyway of getting a quote with the club insurance before becoming a member?

Membership ran out as I sold my 172 for a volvo R and kinda stopped using this, but the 182 is on the way soon!! So ill be back!!
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I just got a fantastic quote from Elephant on my 172. I was going to stay with Admiral but theyve been dragging their heels a bit on my renewal so it looks like elephant have come and stolen it from under their nose!

One question for anyone who is currently with Elephant: What are they like on mods? Is it the usual 5 or so percent increase or do they really not like modified cars???

Ive got a set of coilovers ready to go on, but when I tried to check how much extra it would be on their website it just kept telling me to ring them. Obviously Im not going to ring them now just to be kept on hold for half an hour, so I thought Id be lazy and ask on here! So, can anyone answer my question?



When I had my 172 I was gonna put different wheels lights on but they never really made much difference to what I was paying. Suppose they might frown on suspension a bit more tho!

Madness tho, out of the quotes Ive been getting Elephant and Admiral are the best, but Admiral are winning by £20! lol
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find a 182 numberplate of ebay or here and just use that, thats the easy way to do it

I know I say this every time elephant is mensioned but always try adding your parents to your insurance on elephant, dropped mine by £100s

Insured with elephant at the moment, just till my policy runs out then Im jumping ship as I dont have any faith in their claims procedures. Off to Direct Line in August and its a load cheaper too. :)


its under renaultsport 182 on elephant/admiral!! they dont cover any extras so there sh*te insurers!! try greenlight, they beat elephant 4 me
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Quote: Originally posted by Zebrs on 09 May 2005
Insured with elephant at the moment, just till my policy runs out then Im jumping ship as I dont have any faith in their claims procedures. Off to Direct Line in August and its a load cheaper too. :)Z

I had to make a claim through Admiral last year (same company as Elephant) and it went through pretty smoothly considering. Have you heard some horror stories that have put you off?

J13EOB: Admiral were by far the cheapest for me until I tried Elephant and they undercut them by £100! Car insurance is a f**king weird business!

Elephant are the only online place I know where you can actually get a quote with mods, when you say car is not standard another screen comes up with a list of stuff, you just tick the boxes :)
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I think they often overcharge people on the renewals. Cos you are signed up for the next year without asking its hasel trying to cancel it. I bet a lot of people dont even bother to look around, leaving the insurance company to make a nice earning.

Rick, I have heard a couple of people who had problems with them ,but i suppose you get that with all insurance companies and generally most companies who deal direct with the public. Nobodys in the business of handing cash out, but Ive always felt its much harder to claim (or get a decent value for your car) with the budget companies. Just my two cents anyway:).


yeah they do charge more for mods that you have done but will only return car to manufacturers spec!! aparantly wheels and exhaust make it look nicer to steal and engine mods increase chance of crashing thats y they charge more, they wont replace them robbing mailto:b@stards">bstards the lot of them

well my insurance runs out in a month, ive had loads of quote from varios brokers and the cheepest 1 i could find was just short of £1400, elephant were last people to try and they have quoted me £805, thats pretty awsome i thought but also thought is it to good to be true???

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I must admit, I thought the same with First Alternative, but Im not going to complain and Ive checked everything I can think of (no claims protected/legal cover etc etc)!

Its nice to feel (at least slightly) that Im not being totally fleeced..

Go for it :)