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anyone need images of the underside of the 172

I have just spent the last hour at my local QuikFit who kindly allowed me full use of their ramp / lift.

I have taken about 75 images of the underside detailing the following

Exhaust run, boxes, cat, lama location etc.

Front suspension, drive shafts, ARbar

Gear linkages

Fuel tank and wheel well area

Rear suspension mounts, arms, locations etc.

Also, brake and fuel line runs.

This is for my image library (Makes mods so much simpler when you can look at a series of images) - very useful info for the 4*4 conversion.

the images are large (1280*1024) and very detailed.

If you need info on anything specific, please let me know.

heres a sample showing the Gear linkage and antiroll bar..

Note how Mr Reno kindly put a hoop in the ARbar for the drive shaft to the rear wheels

How kind.. loooking at the car, I think renault are planning a 4wheel drive version soon.. most of the work has been done...


  Shiny red R32

You should publish the Captain Slarty manual for the 172 ahead of the Haynes one!

Hi all

Has cliosport got space to host them.. there is about 20 Megabytes in total, but would form a great reference library. ?

providing I retain the copyright I have no problems with that.

they would be there for anyones reference.

(Tim, sorry, I aint got enough web space for them all )

Heres another of the exhaust run for those thinking of changing something

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Wow! So did they really chuck all that away when they fitted my cat-back Magnex? Im glad I didnt look!