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Anyone who wants a really really really quiet ss exhaust = new btb

  ph2 clio 172
First let me give you some information, I am faily old now 32 and married. I have a clio 172 Ph2 one 51 plate.

I am not interested in performance in any way as its my wife's car, she is also not interested in performance.
I am however interested in longevity of the exhaust and therefore wanted a s/s one.

3 weeks ago I purchased the standard btb which you can see here

For my wife this was too noisey, and for me at motorway/dual carriage way journeys (where the car spends most of its time down), especiallly in throttle, off throttle cruising was not so bad.

Now I imagine many people will find that they are quite happy with the noise, and I have to be clear that the video bb have on youtube is accurate, like I said though too loud for me.

So I asked what they could do, they created a new back box and fitted it today.

I can report back that its standard quiet, so I am saying no noise which is exactly what myself/wife wanted.

The service was excellent and I found btb a pleasure to deal with.

the exhaust might be called the "btb stealth ninja".

I must also add that I have not heard any other systems, and if there is anyone in kent with a ss exhaust I vote for meeting up and just getting a video with all the different combinations with the same camera.

hope someone finds this useful.
  S4 Avant
Well it's nice to know that there's an alternative to the standard exhaust out there, well, for the 172 at least.

I can appreciate not everyone wants to be heard from 2 miles away.
  ph2 clio 172
Thanks for the reply.

I have to say the BTB wasn;t 2 miles away loud!! but I appreciate what you mean. :approve:

I am trying to be careful here as I don't want to p!ss anyone off, or stop people considering the stealth.

The journey back 2 hours I was so pleased that I could hear all the wind noise and rattles again!
  ph2 clio 172
thats the original my quiet one looks the same as that, just standard quiet, really good for anyone after silent ss exhaust, but again I have not heard anything other then standard renault and the stealth btb
  172 cup
I have just spoken to BTB about this exhaust, and they are currently working on the drawings... They are going to email me once they have finalised the specifications with the price, so I will post it up when I get it!

Currently they think it'll be the same system with a different backbox (as said)... a slightly reduced diameter and a bend.
  Black Gold Trophy
In my opinion, they seem to be second to none for quality and their customer service seems excellent too. I've never heard a story of a poorly fitting BTB exhaust either.
  172 cup
Right, Joe has got back to me... here is the message he sent (I've put the price in bold):

Thank you for your enquiry about our "Ninja" super quiet 172 exhaust, I wasn't quite prepared for such a quick response having only just fitted the first one on Monday!
This option will be a special order system at the moment, which, added to the fact that it takes a lot longer to make than our "Stealth" version will mean that the price will be £540 including VAT, not including delivery or fitting. I must stress that the Ninja is not intended as a performance exhaust, and therefore will not perform as well as our Stealth system which we (and our many satisfied customers so far) think offers the best compromise for power and low noise. We do understand however that some people are attracted by the reliability offered by a well made stainless system rather than outright performance.
Delivery of a Ninja system will be 2 weeks, or we can offer fitting at our premises for £30 (+ parts if required). Please phone on the number shown below if you'd like to order a system.
Joe Ellis
BTB Exhausts Ltd
tel: 0044(0)1327 261797
fax: 0044(0)1327 263577
  ph2 clio 172
smiler_ clean out your inbox geez.

I will be attempting to record some video in car at 60-70 in case anyone amight be interested, I however didn't have the time to record it before though.