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BB’s turbo + ktec 172 pics

What size wheels/tyres and what make wheels are on the 172 from K-Tec? And what brakes and suspension setup is it fitted with?

The top for (The Mk2 172) is done by Ktec, I saw it on thursday when I was down there, the 18s are a bit extreme, the Viper looks the dogs, but couldnt here it above their exhaust! (The production ones are going to be a bit quieter)

Looks like they made it one Phat 172 for trax, they didnt have the NO2, rear wing or brakes done when I saw it (Maybe I missed the brakes ?)

Oh, and as I thought, the Lexus style lights look the dogs on the silver cool, another thing to order I think!
  clio 20v

erm id say the black valver with bb tuning wrote on the bonnet was from k-tec racing

and the 172 with k-tec racing sticker next to the filter was from bb tuning just guessing though
  BMW 320d Sport

Can you send me the BB pictures, Im popping up there sometime soon but havent got the time at the moment...

ps doesnt matter how big they are!
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Not sure on those Lexus Style lights..only time will tell. Those Brembos look excellent, wonder what size discs they are/price??



its yer brain confusing yer right foot lol..

try this.....

go on a good bit of straight road.. now brake using the left foot !.. easy in the Nicole...

when you pick yer nose off the windscreen lol.. you will realise how good the brakes are ...

and..... left foot braking is entrirely possible... once the brain adjusts to the pressure...

  320d M Sport

Good man, did you manage to get a picture of the rest of the bodywork on that 172? I reckon those wheels a mint. Joe I dont get youre joke on other thread by the way.....


K-Tec Racing

ClioSport Trader

Thankyou for the nice comments about our car, the effort before the show was worth it.

The brakes are 2 piece discs with alloy bells and are 305mm x 28mm. The cost of the brake kit which includes the discs, calipers, pads and braided brake lines retails for £1100+vat and yes the car does indeed now STOP!!
The nitrous is not fully set up yet but it will be running 50bhp jets controlled by a computerised progressive controller which is used to introduce the nitrous at whatever revs and quantity we program it to.


K-Tec Racing

ClioSport Trader

The car also has our new 172 side skirts on it and our new rear spoiler will also be fitted in the next couple of weeks. Oh and suspension wise it has a full Koni suspension kit with apex springs and our new stainless steel rear strut brace.


argh, i really want a turbo conversion, but even IF i could afford it, and IF my car was up to it, id never be able to afford the insurance hike. ive only being driving 8 months, waiting for the insurance to drop i think it going to be the biggest problem i face

That Turbod 16v looks sick now thats what I am talking about - need to get me one of those ! But will my high milage 16V handle it ? lol possiable rebuiled first

if ya got 4k knocking around, its entirely possible..

the ONLY way you can tell the condition of your engine PROPERLY is to strip it. If you do, YOU WILL end up rebuilding it.


The BB Tuning car in the pics, is a low compression kit. It uses all standard internals and is basically a bolt on kit. They run it at 11psi and are getting around 220bhp.

The manifold you see is a casting they took off of my manifold before I sold it.

They do also have a low compression version available which Andy tells me will run around 25psi, and should see well over 300bhp.

quote from andy..

Glenns right, we are almost there with the turbo conversion for the valver.

The spec of our own car is Low compression 7.5:1 so 200 BHP at 12 psi is very good figure. We are hoping to extract 400 BHP from our own car for publicity purposes and its not as hard as it sounds ( if we can extract a PROVEN 300 BHP from a 1.4 8 valve 1960s tractor engine on a Carb.) Then 400 BHP from a turbo valver should be a walk in the park !! Our only concern is the gearbox.

I hope your hats not to big Paul, LOL !!

The conversion will be on sale soon after we have carried out the relavent testing.