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Chipped Willy, the journey home....

Well, just today got my Williams 2 chipped at Sheppard Racing. £270 squid it was and what a difference it made. She now goes all the way to 7k and the difference in refinement is amazing. Luckily on the way home the snow had all but gone and I had a chimp in an Alfa feel like a game. I HAD to test it :), so pressed a lil harder on the loud pedal and whoosh...................

Well worth the money, she ticks over better too.

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oooh, interesting! What chip did you get Bill? Been wanting to sort mine out too. I was looking at a superchip but was advised to go for a Uni chip?

Got a Superchip Kelly, I was advised to do this as Unichips need to be reprogrammed after you do any more mods. Apparently, Superchips will accomodate a fair bit of modification to your engine without the need to be reprogrammed. Superchip also Guarrantee a 15 bhp increase, other just speculate.

  mk2 172

bill, the hillpower chip would have cost you 146 quid. and sees significant gains. i cant see a superchip getting 15bhp, thats like having cams etc, without the headwork and a chip to suit. but if your happy with your spend then i hope you like it! just letting you know!


Hmmm i do really doubt that they can guarantee a 15bhp increase, maybe 5-7bhp and a few extra pounds of torque but its quite hard getting much more out of a N/A engine without better breathing mods/uprated cams etc.

What your probably feeling is the fact that your car now goes to 7k rpm, but add a sports exhaust and a filter and i would say you should see 15bhp (a little more if you decat too).

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when i fitted my group N ecu it felt like it needed an exhaust at the higher rpms, a bit like trying to sneeze through a small cocktail straw.
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When i was speaking to Superchips about my chip/remap I told them how much gains were achieved by Roamer and they were amazed. The guy said he wasnt expecting the remap to give more BHP just more response/torque.

Will, if your going to rolling road your car then fit the original chip and run with that then change to the other chip afterwards (within 10 mins or so) as anything else wont be acceptable due to the conditions of the day (which is the only thing thats variable).


TB1, cant fit my old chip, they are solder out/solder in on the Williams so the heat grenerated taking the old one out will have killed it I am afraid..I do see your point though.


TB1 agreed, the thing that amazes me is the CTRs, they have been tested on the same day before and after fitting of an induction kit and chip and they make 20+BHP its astonishing

my willy lump went in chipped,s/s exhaust, induction kit so i have nothing to compare it with but i would be very suprised if it upped the power by anymore than 10BHP


Colchester, Essex.

The number and details are in the member section on the discounts section, on the main site.


Nice one mate ! Ive heard the name before but wasnt sure if it was the same one. Guy I know with a 16v has taken his there recently and got some work done. Ive heard they do NOS there as well.

What do you think of them?
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a Willy shouldnt be revvin to 7k afaik

i dont think Nick Hill raises the limiter on his chips for the Willy, an he knows his stuff so theres gotta be a good reason........

or i might be talkin rubbish hehe


Yep they do Nitrous Oxide installs, they do anything you want.....while I was there the boss Dave Sheppard, showed me around. In their workshop they have....

A ford Popular that they are transplanting a Jag v12 Lump into,

A Pulsar GTI-R they are upping to 300 odd bhp,

An AC Cobra replica they were puting a rover v8 engine into,

A Lotus Elan SE turbo they were upping to mega power,

A Lamborghini which I am not sure what they are doing to.

They informed me that my torsion bar adjustment will cost a set price of £70. None of the umm and ahhhs the other places do when you mention torsion bars.

They are real friendly to boot and would easily give you advice if you asked for it.

I jokingly mentioned the 800 bhp Chevy engine they have spare and I kid you not, Dave Sheppard replied, well, it would be a bit of a squeeze but we could get it in your Williams :).

Oh, and I was wrong...Superchips guarantee 10 bhp, sorry I thought it was 10%. Dave was the one who said its more like 15 bhp.

For the doubters among us......Sheppard racings credentials:

MG modifed Sports National Championship Winners 1980 & 1981

V8 Modified Sports & Formula 4 Winners 1985/1986

British Formula 4 Championship Winners 1987

International Thundersports Class A Winners 1989

I should think these know what they are talking about ?!?


I am getting my willy done on the 24 at BB Performance Tuning. Also when the ECU is getting remapped and rolling roaded i am getting a adjustable fuel pressure regulator added.
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You are talking rubbish mate !! Nick Hill did my chip and stage 2 conversion and he raises the rev limiter to 7k !!
So Im sorry to upset the apple cart but your talking b****cks.


Glad your pleased with it mate !! Now when we gonna have that meet with John !! Mmmmmmmmmm need some scalps !!

Bill top stuff. Ill be popping around there soon then to find out about getting the 172 Chipped with a remap plus I want to see what they can do with my inlet manifold. Nice one.


Decat at the weekend so when the weather is dry we will arrange it no probs. Guess well have to talk about getting your install sorted too :).

Simon, good choice...I do hope you are as happy with them as I am. Dont forget to mention for your 5% discount...not alot..but as The Boss said to me....5% off a £200 job is better than 30% off the same job priced at £800 elsewhere :).

My only gripe with these guys is the fact you have to ask for the price including most places I spose.

  Clio Williams 1, 182,197


Yes mate your on !! I can just about work the accelerator near on perfect now and who needs brakes anyway !! So if I do a bit of left leg braking then Ill be ok !!
So its on !!

Ermm and oh yes lets do sort my install out !! You lovely person you !! Is that enough groveling ??

LOL @ both of you 2 !

Leigh no need for grovelling...get up off ya knees, I am a married man !! ;)

*cough* Also get the plastercast back on, I want a sporting chance godammit !!

Johns upto his nasty sly old tricks I see......Hmm

How ya feeling now John mate, sorry to hear about you week off with the flu. Get better soon my friend as we have gotta sort out a place to race yet. You had somewhere in mind right ?.



Hi DannyBoy.

Coz of my mods. I need them to do a custom map on the car rather than load the standard SuperChip 172 map.

On a standard 172 I think they just serially reprogram the existing ECU. With mine they must have to run the car on the rolling road and read engine variables in real time and then load a custom map in to suit.

Bill, they have got a rolling road havent they?

Im hoping to receive some parts tom. morning and if so will take a ride up there and have a chat with them.